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Photo Quiz logoGordon Gardens Fort 1924 copy


Gordon Gardens Fort Colombo copy


Q: Can you identify this ancient Ceylon photo , give us its location and history?


Victoria Statue seen in queens house grounds was later moved to the Museum Grounds

I took this picture 2or 3 years ago

Queens House
On February 1, 1804, the British Government took over the private house of the last Dutch Governor in Ceylon, Johan Gerard van Angelbeek in the heart of Colombo Fort. This is the house that became the official residence of the British Governor and was referred to as Queen’s House – so named because the British monarch at the time was Queen Victoria.

Queen’s House Set in about 4 acres of land, the residence gained further attraction when Governor Sir Arthur Hamilton Gordon (1883-90) laid out the Gordon Gardens at his own expense in honour of Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee celebrations in 1887. The Gardens boast of an amazing variety of trees and a marble statue of Queen Victoria which was removed from the gardens in 2006. Gordon Gardens was a public park opened to the public until 1980 when it was made part of the President’s House and today off limits to the public.
Photography/Publisher: M.B. Uduman
Date/Year: c.1924.

12 thoughts on “Picture Quiz- Sam

  1. Gordon Gardens- Colombo – Fort- 1924-1930 around that period .
    This was Queens House- so named in honour of Queen Victoria’ Golden Jubilee -.

    Thank you Sam, for this trip back in time !
    It is ironic- that this weekend in Canada, is a long holiday weekend in honour of Queen Victoria- and is called the Victoria Weekend for us here in Canada .

    Now, back to the photo .

    History — The Governer- Sir Arthur Hamilton Gordon- used this 4 acrs of land , using his own funds to create Gordon Gardens in honor of Q. Victoria, for the Golden Jubilee in 1887.
    This was a public park until it was closed to the public in 1980, and now houses the Presidential Palace.


  2. I have to agree with Deepthie. Thanks for the history lesson Deeepthi. I did not know that Gorden Gardens came into ” bloom ” with the private funds offered by governor Gorden.

    Speaking of Queen Victoria she was so taken up with my great grandfather Hulugalla Adigar that she had an “affair ” with him. I read the two page article that appeared in the Sri Lanka paper about two years ago. A special wing at Buckingham Palace was reserved for my grandfather when ever he visited England. Unfortunately the association fell through with Queen Victoria’s demise. Otherwise I could have stayed at Bukingham palace when ever We visited England.

    England had conquered almost half of the world at that time and imagine Queen Victoria being interested in a man from Ceylon. My great grand father was quite a handsome man . He apparently spoke very fluent English. If anyone is interested the article , it appeared in the Lanka Deepa about two years ago.



    • Oh Niassantha, that is great news. We would have been able to say’ Our batch mate’s great grandfather’ had a room in Buck Palace. I agree with Deepthie we would have been able to brag about it and each time we had visitors we could have asked them ”Would you like to visit our friend’s great grand father’s house and then taken them to Buck Palace. How wonderful it would have been . Praxy


  3. Nisantha !!!1- what a story !!!
    Imagine- having a ‘reserved room ‘ at the Buck House for one of our own !
    These Monarchs of the Old days, were a romantic bunch for sure — specially those ones from across the Big Pond– !!!

    The Great Queen having an ‘affair’ with an ancestor, from our own the Class of 64 !!!!!!!
    Our Class of 64 now have real bragging rights !!!

    I see the why the great monarch fell for the good looks of the old man, when I see why the Cheena Lamissi bagged the great grand son !!
    Those Kandy Lamissi’s of a long time ago- did not know what they missed !!.

    If you can scan and copy this article from the Lanka Deepa-, please send it to my private e-mail- it will be another nice addition for ” My Pict- Beruwal RU 64 ‘ folder !!

    Thanks a lot for that wonderful bit of history !
    – Deepthie


  4. Congratulations to Deepthie and Nisantha. You got it right. Enjoyed reading the Interesting bit of Royal family connections of Bandaranaike family as well!
    I just posted the full description of the site and it’s history along with one of my own shots of the Victoria statue. see above.


  5. I don’t want to open a political discussion but I am curious to know if this is the statue that MR is supposed to have broken down and moved to another site ( may be museum ) because a fortune teller had told him before the SL Presidential elections that this statue brought him bad luck because it was facing the wrong direction.. This is simply what I heard in Sri Lanka and I think I read in a SL newspaper too. I hope” curiosity wont kill the cat ”and no one will get offended. Praxy


  6. Sam,Deepthie and Nissantha, thank you’ll for the well articulated information provided, in relation to the photo quiz.
    Outcome- I was able to eliminate my “Historical blidenes “


  7. I was going to give the correct answer but you all beat me to it ! (JUST KIDDING. I thought it was somewhere in N’eliya or Kandy)
    Thanks Sam, Nisantha & Deepthie for the good history lesson.
    Above all, I can now proudly tell all my friends here that one of me batch mate had Royal connection. Looking at your appearance, I can imagine how handsome your Gt.Grand father would have been.
    I am not Joking.


  8. Thanks Seelan for your kind words. Now that I have aroused the curiosity of my batch mates I have to get the article. My brothers in Sri Lanka have copies of the article , which I read. I have no idea as yet whether I can get the article on line , but shall try.



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