Living Dhamma- Ariya


Living dhamma

The beauty and freshness of the SpringPut me into a poetic mood this morning

To the pleasure expressed on everyone’s face

    Difficult to do justice for me being just a novice

Creepers and trees full of smiling flowers

Delightful aroma filling nooks and corners

Swamps of butterflies flapping pretty wings

Beautify the place to compete with heavens

Just out of cocoons looking eager and fresh

Bees search for honey humming their songs

Having got rid of ‘wintery blues’ young kiddies

Blissfully dance, wearing eye-catching dresses

Young birds out of nests, in exuberant moods

Try sweetest melodies to impress their mates

Long day hours and radiant Sun, the chill is gone

Spring is here, showing its most wonderful phase

I know through dhamma, ‘Arise – stay and go’

Nothing is permanent, that is the universal rule

To get out of doldrums, consider Autumn & Winter

Same as Spring and Summer, mere work of nature


These photos- taken by me, may not be the ideal  in professional
photography, but shows the  Beauty of Spring  as seen by an everyday bird
watcher , that is eagledeepthie .

Woodpecker- I took this photo y’day – in my garden . Daffodils- the ultimate
early spring bloom for me – with its cheery yellow face .
The white flowers are Trilliums- the Provincial flower of Ontario .
The red flower- is a red trillium .

Merganser- mom and chicks- taken last year – june behind my home, and same
for the Red Breasted Merganser ( male) with the lady ( browinish ) in front,
and the male chasing away other possible suiters .

Loon- the mating call of the Loon- the National Bird of Canada, whose image

is on the One Dollar coin- that we call ” Loonie ‘
Again, photo taken behind my home  on Georgian Bay, Ontario .

Peacock- seen on Saturday  13th May– at a small bird sanctuary- on a
lovely bit of land, donated to the city by a local farmer .
The peacock was doing its  Mating Dance – fascinating to watch and video
tape- and the Lady just could not care less !
I wish if the cage was a bit larger, as the Pil  Vidaha  Rangna  Monara-
had hardly any room to move around .


9 thoughts on “Living Dhamma- Ariya

  1. “Up-Above”- people are enjoying Spring heading towards Summer but “down-under’ – We are enjoying Autumn heading towards the dreaded Winter !
    What season are you enjoying in the Centre ?


  2. Spring has Sprung to us here in the Up Above and enjoying every minute of it and Thanking The Creator for every Sunrise I see when I wake up in the morning .

    Down Under winter- is nothing really compared to minus 20 deg C for 20 days in Feb , here Up Above .’
    That is why I run to Arizona to worship the Hiru Deviya or else I will go stark raving mad with Seasonal Affactive Disorder !

    So, I enjoy our Spring- Summer- Autumn even more, and make the best of it – Rain or Shine !

    Enjoy Mother Nature and Her Blessings in a Good Way- or She will sure let us know, in no uncertain terms, if we have be naughty of nice !

    Thank you Ariya for the lovely ‘wake up and enjoy ‘ words .

    Ambe Majada- Get up and Get going – is a lovely song sung in Ojibway to ‘ ” get up and get going, a new day has begun, give praise to The Creator , for you are being counted upon : .
    Listen to it on you tube, sung by Joanna Shenendoah.- Mohawk Nation , living in New York .

    Have good day !

    eagledeepthie .


  3. Thanks Ariya for your Spring Poem.i envy you enjoying Spring up above while Down under we will be complaining about the cold wintry weather,during the entire winter season although we can’t change it. But I feel the” Vocal remarks “about” how much you don’t like cold “helps ?
    Deepthie thanks for the beautiful photos. I think that one of the most rewarding gift that a
    Human being can enjoy is to “gaze” at a beautiful picture of Fauna and flora


  4. Aria you are becoming quite a Poet. As I suggested to you many moons ago , you should put all these lovely verses into a book. People write poor quality stuff and put into print and make money. I enjoy reading the poems you send to my personal email and the 64 web page as well. Thanks

    Deepthie thanks for the lovely pictures. As they say Spring has sprung and we are enjoying the sights and sounds.



  5. Thanks to every one who enjoyed my photos taken with the cannon pocket camera !
    I enjoy taking pics of Mother Nature’s Bounty- where ever I am.
    I walk about my garden with the camera inside my ‘garden grubby pant pocket ‘ – and that is how I got the pics of the Piliated Woodpecker a few days ago .
    Always take the camera and binocs with me, when I go out on my peaceful solitary daily walk in the woods .
    Right now, for us in Ontario- the forest floor is a sea of white trilliums- whose magic beauty of the Ontario Spring never really fails to thrill me , and fill my soul .

    Ariya- I told you , just like Nisantha did- to put your writings in a book form-
    I have ‘saved ‘ all your lovely writings in a special folder called ” Ariya’s poems ‘ under the main folder in My Pictures that houses ‘ Beruwala Weekend – 2014 “.
    Love it even more , when you send them to me to my personal e-mail, with the Sinhala script .
    It sure makes a difference when I read what someone I know has written , rather that read through reams of stuff by people I dont know of .
    Deepthie .


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