Happy Mothers Day!

Ancient picture of a mother in Ceylon

Happy Mothers Day to all Batch’64 Mothers





Happy Mother’s Day !!
I have all these three pictures framed and hung in my bedroom and I love
looking at them, first thing in the morning, and it gives me no end of joy
to start my day  !

I am clinging to my son’s ( Shane- my only child born in Canada 43 yrs ago
)  arm as I was a few months after surgery for Repair of Ruptured Achilles
Tendon , and I was very nervous of the waves , yet, I wanted to get into the
warm salt water of the Indian Ocean.
Here  , my son is saying to me — ‘ ” don’t worry Mom you will be fine ,
just hold on to me …. “.

It is amazing how we hold on to our children in our old age , for
sustainence, in more than one way ..
We visited SL – to see my Amma – age 94- and she passed away a year later .

The Inuit mothers- just lovely happy faced young moms – just coming out of
the only grocery store in that small coastal Arctic town .
The babies are in an Amouti- a large pouch that is the hood of the jacket-
where the baby is tucked in .
When the baby has over grown the Amouti- it is used to carry around
groceries !
A very practical way of doing things- that they have been doing for the
past 5000 years !


17 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!”

  1. I love a photo that tells a story . I hope you enjoyed this picture as much as I did. The mother carrying a baby who appears to be hungry, basket on her head and the curious child hanging on to “mom”. Story of multitasking mother.


    1. I agree with you Swarna, obviously the picture depicts a scene from a different era during colonial times. But the story is symbolic of motherhood even to present day with all the advances in life that we enjoy and take for granted.


  2. The picture tells a sad story. Kind of a derogatory picture published by the British long time ago, I suppose. I have seen this kind of situation in the villages when I was growing up , but never in a city.

    It appears that the three of them were taken away from the line for the picture. The line behind them ,probably waiting for rations , some hand outs. They are curious about the photographer and the equipment, the camera.


  3. This photo- is yet another sad legacy of the British Colonial Imperialistic Attitudes of the times .
    It was like this all over the world , where ever they went – be it Asia, Africa, America .
    One can view I suppose on google some sad pics of Mothers and Children of Native Americans starving in Reservations , in the 1800’s, lining up for food from the Government Agent of the times , who gave out the supplies to his cronies and gave the Indians- the white mans staple- White flour, White Sugar, White Lard–
    This was the start of the Diabetes Epidemic so to speak, among the First Nations in USA,Canada- NZ. Aust, ..

    Interesting History Lesson from this one poignant image … of Mother and Child .

    I was in Zimbabwe about 20 yrs ago- mothers were still carrying bags of flour on the head, baby on the back, another clinging to her cloth – but, this mother is a happy smiling mother .

    Sam- I will send you this pic and a few others taken in the Canadian Arctic in 2014 — perhaps you can post them, and it might add a cheery note to Mother’s Day Mother and Child Images .

    Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mothers of the Class of 64 and to ALL Fathers who keep the Mothers Happy !!
    eagledeepthie .


  4. Sorry friends,

    I take a different angle of the photo
    Commitment of a mother is the same
    Rich or poor absolutely no difference
    For the welfare of the off spring
    She will virtually beg, borrow or steel


  5. The photo was posted not intending to arouse any bitterness about Colonialism. No way of knowing what the photographers intentions either, perhaps for documentary purposes. But like Ariya stated for me it’s celebration of motherhood. That’s all.


  6. Thank you ‘Dilisena Tharuwa’ for passing a positive comment
    To the fathers too on the day dedicated to give mother a thought
    I know your words and phrases, when you read my addition to it
    May I humbly remind that fathers only make all the mothers, a fact


    1. Thanks Bandula. Welcome to the Blog. When are you going to notify us of your date of birth,
      so that we septuagenarians can keep track of each other as they grow older!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Dear Bandula,
      From you you my mate, after a while, nice to hear
      This is Sam’s trick, knowing a write up on mother
      Would wake every son, glad to have you in our hutch
      Please send us soon your month and the date of birth


      1. Dear Bandula,
        Where on earth have you been all this time. Good to see you communicating via the Blog.Praxy


  7. Best wishes to all the mothers from our batch.
    I agree with Ariya’s view.
    Mother is Mother.
    There a saying in tamil : ” Even to the Crow her Chick is a Golden Chick”


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