Double Photo Quiz


Can you Identify

Name of the film                                      


The two actresses in the picture below



Identify the man standing second from left in this picture


8 thoughts on “Double Photo Quiz

  1. Movie- Gam Pereliaya .
    actress- Punya Heendeniya and Trilicia Gunwardene .
    Prod- Lester James Peris .

    Second Man in the photo — Albert Einstein – at the Grand Canyon- on the event of the opening of the Hopi House , in 1922.

    He is wearing a Lakota Head Dress- and holding a gun like a Lakota Warrior !

    I recognize this image- as I have been to the Hopi House on my many visits to the Grand Canyon and I have seen this image – the Native Americans are all Hopi Indians- and I know their decendants well as I have been visiting my friends there regularly during the past 10 yrs .
    One of them- perhaps the one on the ground on the drum- may even be Fred Kaboti- and the little boy-his son Micheal Kaboti– I am not sure about this .
    Fred Kaboti- was the lead artist who did the murals on the Watch Tower and elsewhere at various buildings including Hopi House .
    Fred- may even be the man wearing the traditional hand woven mens ‘skirt’.

    The Hopi Indians are wearing their classic traditional clothing, jewellary .
    They still dress like this during Ceremonies .
    The Big Drum- is never really supposed to be placed on the ground- it is always held by a string around the neck- much like the way our people hold the drum to the body when playing it .
    I suppose this drum is on the ground for the ‘photo op ‘.

    You can google and find more about this image etc on google images of Grand Canyon Hopi Images etc .


  2. Correction- the photo was taken in 1931.

    Look up google- Albert Einstein at the Grand Canyon Hopi House .
    If you have not yet visited The Hopi House and the Watch Tower at the Grand Canyon- to see the Hopi murals/ legends, history,, it is time to did this — to see a trip back in time ‘ before contact’ as they say .


  3. Hey Ariya !
    Here is the correct answer — !
    I had to rush out of the house early am for a doc appt-
    so I rushed through the quiz ! i
    it is now just past 6 pm, here in Ontario , and Rani should be waking up, ( Down Under !! ) anytime now !

    Rani- I am getting sooo nostalgic for the Hopi House at the Grand Canyon, after seeing your photo quiz !
    I think I may make a trip out there next year march – to see the all the Hopi Murals all over again ,

    Producer of the movie Gam Peraliya- is Anton Wickramasinghe,’
    Director- Lester James Peris .
    Music- WD Amaradeva .

    bye for now – eagledeepthie .


  4. Deepthie you are the winner Congratulations, Your vivid description of The Albert Einstein photo far excel those of any other description (Google)’in perfection, and accuracy


  5. Thanks Rani for that wonderful trip back in time to the Grand Canyon !
    It was quite interesting for me to see this pic on our Photo Quiz, and I fwd it to my Oji- Cree friend too , as she and I last visited Grand Canyon/ Hopi House- in 2013 .

    I just love the Hopi Nation people- they are such good people, and I cannot even imagine that when I go to Hopi, I am in the middle of North America – and when I witness their cultural activities, I am amazed at the way they have kept their traditions alive, despite all the demands of the 21st century America .
    I will recognize them, even if they are up in the moon !
    The man next to Einstein- I am sure is Fred Kaboti- as I know his great grand nephew- who looks just like this man in the photo .
    I watched him sing and dance to the beat of that big drum, two yrs ago- while I was visiting Hopi .

    The item ( that looks like a gun ! ) that Einstein is holding is The Sacred Pipe ( Chanunpa in Lakota ) and I was surprised to see this- as the Chanunpa is NOT of Hopi Tradition .
    Also now, the Chanunpa is not meant to be photographed and displayed in public, as it is such a Sacred Item , used only during Ceremonies and NO photos during Ceremony .
    It is a part of the Lakota Tradition – and they live in the Prairies- North and South Dakota, Montana, and some parts of the Canadian Prairies ( Saskatchewan, Manitoba )
    The same goes for the War Bonnet-
    The Prairies and Hopi Land in Arizona are virtually a “million miles apart’- virtually, in distance and cultural ancestry .
    How this Chanunpa and the War Bonnet came to be at the Grand Canyon Hopi House- beats me !
    Back then, there was nothing called Cultural Appropriation- anything ‘ Native ‘ was “up for grabs by the white man “.’
    Things have changed a lot now – even major sports teams in USA that have been using Native Logos for a very long time are under pressure to change .

    Thank you for this very interesting photo on the quiz – the last thing I expected to see- Hopi Indian Nation People !

    Deepthie .


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