9 thoughts on “Vesak Greetings”

  1. Dear Sam,
    The Wesak card you designed for the batch,
    Beautiful like your benevolent heart, is the truth
    The service you Provide through your web site
    Helped closeness to be developed to great effect

    It is pleasing as by trickle or trot new mates are joining
    Talented contributors from the famous batch blossoming
    New writers and composers reach standards of reckoning
    To readers too a valuable past time, hence a great blessing


  2. HI Sam- let me wish you and your family a very Happy Vesak .
    Thank you very much for taking the time of day for all of us Class of 64, and being that wonderful Web Master- with the Special Spider Weaving Technique !
    Truly a wonderful “Dream Catcher “- to hold all our Dreams , Good Wishes, Hopes and Prayers , to one another …

    The card you designed- is soooo very beautiful and meaningful, even more so today, when one thinks of the ‘goings on around the world ‘.
    Love- Peace- Truth – are very precious commodities today ….

    Thank you very much for the most lovely greeting that started my day today, and will hold dear to my heart, in the days ahead .’
    Deepthie .
    ps- Dream Catcher- Symbol of most Native Americans – Canadians – read all about it google .


  3. Sam – it is a beautiful Vesak card and greeting. May you and all your loved ones be well and happy. May all our class of 64 and their loved ones be well and happy.



  4. Happy Vesak day wishing to all celebrating batch mates. Sam you have done an excellent job with your art work. Lotus flower blossoming in the peaceful & calm night with an in- built lantern say it all – path of Love, Peace & Truth.


  5. Dear Swarna, Thanks for the Dhamma query.
    My humble understanding is “Dhamma” is not by any means the same thing as “rational thinking. “(Danuma)
    One will never see Dhamma ( Insght ()Dakma) if you elucidate the words Love, Peace.and Truth, given in the Vesak message ,through rational thinking.

    The true Intuitive Insight ( Dakma) can be gained-only by inner realisation of the meaning of the words.

    As we all know Dhamma the truth taught by Buddha is uncovered gradually through sustained practice.


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