Best Wishes to C.J. Amarasuriya !


My best wishes to a very special member of our wonderful batch .

Many thanks for  your hard work to make RU’64 successful and your ongoing support for the RU Blog.

Dear CJ,
Send greetings to a friend most respected in the batch
To usher best wishes for contentment and Good health
May you have a long fruitful, cherished life
As you are the undisputed champion brightening our lives




Happy Birthday my dear Abirahas Dostara Mahattaya- !!

I am referring to you by this interesting name, from that interesting story
you told me, about some court case that went on in SL when you were an ?
intern at Colombo Gen , where you were called to testify– some wild story
like that .
Anyway- it is an interesting and a very catchy name !
Perhaps you can tell us that story in our own funny way ( as I forget the
details) so, we all can have a good laugh !

It was great how you planted the ‘seed of a reunion ‘ in fertile soil some
years back- and got the idea going and the Rest is History as they say .

Thank you very much for all the work you put into the RU 64 .
It was great to have met you at Beruwala .
Hope we meet again some where , some day, sometime sooner, rather than
later .

I know, much has happened to you and  your family since we all met , but I
do hope and wish that you all as a family, celebrate your Special Day-  and
look at  each day from now on , as a Special Day for  all .

Blessing to you

Deepthie .

12 thoughts on “Best Wishes to C.J. Amarasuriya !

  1. Most respected batch mate indeed. A thorough Gentleman as well.
    Jean joins me in wishing you a very happy Birthday & many more happy & healthy years to come.


  2. Dear CJ we haven’t seen you for a time,
    But sincerely hope you are fine,
    Ranjit and I wish you a very happy birthday today
    With health happiness and peace to brighten your day.
    Ranjit and Praxy


  3. Dear CJ,
    Happy Birthday. wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Recent events in your life may may justify your pain of this day and perhaps everyday, Yet, be thankful for the wonderful life you have had and you continue to have. Nothing but the best for you.



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