This is a 1960 Photograph of the first council of the

“Ceylon College of Physicians”First-Council-of-the-College-of-Physicians-1960

Most of these eminent iconic medical personalities  have taught Batch’64



Can you identify them numbering Standing L-R & Seated L-R?
For extra credit can you identify the only living member of this exclusive group?
We would love to hear any anecdotal stories  related to any of them to rekindle our fading memories!!


Photo Quiz- Sam

13 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Sam

  1. Dr D W Lionel,Dr MDR Medonza,,Dr C Wijesighe,,Prof K Rajasuriya,Dr L Ranasinghe
    Seated Dr R Mirando,Dr D S Gunasekera,Dr E M Wijeratne ,Dr w.DL Fernando,Dr Doris Pieris


  2. Well done, Simone, got it perfectly right
    You have named them beating all of us
    Advantage of receiving sun rays first
    You are up while we are fast asleep


  3. Sorry Ariya I have no magical powers to control the timings of the sunrise ,in different parts. Solution: Hereafter I shall submit my comments only when all of u are awake


    • Please Simone, do not even think of that
      You are our inspiration when we are stuck
      Class 64 has many diamonds with varying carats
      You are one shining example of the more brilliant


  4. Well done Class of 64 Encyclopedia-aka- Dr Simone Devika Rani Goonaratne ( Goonawardene ) !

    Where ever you may live- it may be with the Rising Sun, or the Setting Sun- YOU will
    ‘get it ‘ !!

    I could only ID- Dr Lionel and Prof Raj, and vaguely ID Dr. Doris Peris .

    My Memories of Dr, Lionel – goes something like this .

    He was a family fiend and the ‘unofficial family doctor ‘ to my immediate family and extended family.
    He was someone my Thatha could call any time of day and night – The One Person Family 911 Response Team,” and indeed , he helped my family out in soooo, many, many ways, that I cannot even start to number them .

    His wife , Miss Indrani Perera was the Music Teacher/ Piano Teacher at Holy Family Convent., where Amma was a teacher at that time in 1953.

    Young Dr Lionel was a frequent visitor to his aunt’s home, that was next door to ours at Hendala , when he was working at the Ragama TB hospital.’ ‘
    His own family home was in Keleniya.

    He became ‘ Lionel Aiya’ to us kids , and he had to chase me round and round the dining table, to give me one of the immunization shots- I cannot remember which ( perhaps in 1953 ) .

    His aunt was ‘looking ‘ for a nice lady for her handsome young doctor nephew,.and she ‘approved the proposal’ after consulting Amma, , and she saw Miss Indrani, when Amma had most of the HFC School Teachers out at our place for a ‘sunday outing, out in the country’ as if it were back then, what was used to be Hendala, by the side of Canal Road .
    This whole Sunday Outing for the HFC teachers was planned – just so his aunt could take a good look at Miss Indrani !!

    The Rest is History as they say .

    Even after we left the country, in 1972- and did a few trips to SL with my own little ones, I never failed to visit Lionel Aiya and Indrani Aunty and their lovely daughters at their home at Deal Place- Colpetty .

    He was the only ‘Reference ‘ I had for my first job at the Ottawa Gen Hospital ( short stint of 18 mos ) back in 1978.
    We used to correspond regularly- via those blue ‘Air Mail’ stamped letter forms – I wish I had kept some of his letters … and he would write the funniest news and views about the goings on in the ‘medical circles in SL ” !

    He was my real friend while at Med School- his little cubicle in the Pharmo building- was a hive for any student- that needed ‘ an ear and a heart ‘, and ever ready with his sound and sensible clear thinking head, to give the right advice to the right person .

    Believe me, he ‘ sat me down ‘ and ‘told me off ‘ in no uncertain terms many a times !! ‘

    I can cry, even now writing and thinking about those days at Med school- when he gave ALL of us his ‘time of day ‘- even as the Prof of Pharmocology .

    After he passed away, his wife moved to New York to live with one of her daughters, and I talked to her after the 9/11 event in 2001.
    Then, soon after that, my own life had its share of “9/11 ” events and I lost touch with her .

    By the way, I still have the old ” Pharmo notes ” from back then, all hand written, in a nice red ‘monitors Ex book “- and I have given it to my son, for safe keeping in his home !!

    Sam- Rani- I am sooo glad that you gave me this chance to tell all of you, something of what I remember of one of The Greatest Teachers , of the Class of 64.

    Thank you – Deepthie .


  5. I can identify only Medonza & Rajasooria. Not even Ranaya who was our Warden(Bloem)
    Congrats to my fellow Down Under Rani. you have identified every one including their initials up to the 3rd degree !
    Proud to be Down Under. Keep the trend going. I can ride on your back!


  6. Well , It looks like I need to take off some points from Semone, but on the other hand I am not sure. I have inserted the original picture with the answers intact (see above) According to the picture 3rd man seated from L is Dr Wijerama and not E M Wijeratne. Could they be wrong and Simone , right?
    My sources tell me that the only living member of the council is Dr. Lakshman Ranasinghe. Anyone knows his whereabouts?


  7. I wish to inform that Dr Channa Wijesinghe( Dr C Wijesinghe. ,) who was Professor of Psychiatry in 1970. Is living in Stratsberg ,Australia, He was once the President Ceylon College Of Physicians


  8. Unless someone comes up with better information we will assume that there are at least two living members of this original group.Thanks for playing Photo quiz and congratulations to Rani!


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