13 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Sreetharan

  1. Photo is not very clear. I cant even see the shoes !!
    Take a punt : Somewhere north in India, probably Rajasthan – Rabahri tribe


  2. I think this is North Vietnam. The hill tribes collectively known as Montagnards or Degar tribes. The largest of the group is the Kinh tribe.
    As Seelan says the picture is little bit out of focus and not clear.



  3. Dear Maha and Sree,
    Your picture quiz is a tough one, a real googly
    Wizards Indragee, Seelan, Simone and Deepthie
    Are struggling and our only hope left is Nisantha
    Who is widely travelled and has a good memory


  4. Mana Pass – Uttarapredesh- ( Uttarakandl – Badrinath – India ) on the border of India and Tibet
    China .–

    A famous road for motor bikers from around the world, and to those who want to visit famous and remote Hindu shrines in a guhava locations .

    This was my Long Case- with NO Tips !

    Dx- arrived at using the old fashioned methods of Prof Raj, Dr. Oliver Peris , Dr.Ernie P /dr. and Wijenaike . and others, to whom we all owe a lot .

    Just used the D/ D in the old fashioned way — Observation skills.–

    Narrowed it down to elevation around 15, 000 ft ., in the Himalayan Range .
    Color of people – dark skinned ( no white people ! )
    Mongoloid features . — > Tibet / Northern India ..
    Clothing- heavy dark clothing + head coverings for extra warmth .
    Narrow ‘pass ‘ with distant mountains , sparse vegetation . but has street lights, indicating it is a well travelled mountain pass , that is NOT in the Rainforests of Peru etc .

    Tribe- Mana village people – not sure of the name – but these people are a mix of Indian. Tibetan and Chinese

    Have to consult Dr Google ! for this one .

    I think this is enough !


  5. Yes Deepthie your analysis of the picture is perfect ,to score 100%. You will be crowned as the winning queen very soon


  6. Come on Sree,
    is it not our Deepthie fantastic? She has deduced the answer so well
    I am prepared to accept her version as the truth unless I hear otherwise.


  7. Deepthie Nailed it. From DD narrowed down to the exact diagnosis !
    I thought Sreetharan’s camera is bit out of focus. Now I notice that the same photo is in “Google – Images for Mana Pass”. Very clever to pick this photo out of about 300.

    I guessed that the photo was taken somewhere north in India, but wrong side.(Consolation !)
    Anyway better luck next time.!!!!!


  8. HI Seelan,
    I think you are correct- as to from where the photo was taken .- India , as this is where most of the ‘biker tourists’ travel on that high mountain pass , as the Chinese – Tibetan side is kind of out of bounds for tourist travel , due to political reasons .
    I will share m ‘prize’ with you !- as you were the only one who thought it was somewhere in India .
    By the way I have not yet been awarded the ‘prize’ by Sree and Maharojani !!

    Sree/ Maharojani- Great- for having picked this one photo out of sooo many , many on Google Images !
    Perhaps – both of you may have even been there to visit the Hindu Shrines and the Saraswati River / Shrine out there.

    Dr. Google says- the tribe is _ ” Indo- Mongolian ” – has to be !- after inter- relations among three nations- India, Tibet- Mongolia and China , as I thought it would be .

    Very interesting and educational photo- I learnt a lot about people and places in the Himalayan Ranges, through this one photo .
    Imagine- living at an altitude of 18,000 + ft !

    Thanks Sree and Maharojani !

    Deepthie .


  9. The prize is for this answer:

    penetang on May 7, 2017 at 9:05 pm said:

    Mana Pass – Uttarapredesh- ( Uttarakandl – Badrinath – India ) on the border of India and Tibet
    China .–

    The details are as follows: Tribes: Bhotia tribes.

    Mana, a picturesque village set on Indo-Tibet border and is the last of all human habitats on the region. Bhotia tribes are the natives of Mana villages. Vyas Gufa, Bheem pul and Ganesh Gufa are the chief tourist attractions of Mana village.

    Sree and Maharojani.


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