Best Wishes to Praxy De Saram

Dear Praxy,


Click below for a You Tube video sent to me by Narme, just for you and Ranjith on this special day.
“All I ask of  you in Dresden”



Happy Birthday Praxy!!
You are a very special batch mate, and good friend , having had the privilege of sitting next to you at the Faculty!
Thanks for all your support for the  RU blog

Praxy, Rajes and Deepthie Back Deck Summer 99
Happy Birthday to you, my dear good friend Praxy ! I wish you all that is best in Health and Happiness this year, and in the years to come . Thank you very much for your long and loving friendship, that has lasted well over half a century ! We first met at Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitya, soon after the O- Level Exam, and our friendship still going good ! You were always there for me, like the true friend that you are, in good times and not so good times , with that gentle hand of support and kindness . Thank you very much my dear, and I hope and pray, that you enjoy THIS Birthday today, and continue to enjoy many more, in the years ahead . Much love to you, and best wishes to Ranjith, and your son Joe and daughter Tania .



Dear Praxy,
On this brilliant Spring morning from ‘Brexit land’ send you felicitations
As you are one of the nicest mates, God’s special envoy to our batch
I wish you a birthday full of joy, contentment, peace and good health
With hubby Ranjit & children, may you have a fortunate, happy long life
You always greet people with a full smile
And  ready to make lives of others, colourful and cheerful 
A vital cog and a brilliant servant amidst us in class ‘sixty four’
When anyone in need of help, you always do come to the fore
Time passes, kids grow up and become independent 
Distances, responsibilities may keep kith and kin busy
People change just like the weather, blowing hot and cold,
Yet a friend like you however, remains true always, 
Helping and refreshing lives of others
And never be more distant than the reach of a friend in need.



37 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Praxy De Saram

  1. Many happy returns of the day, dear Praxy. You never fail to contact us when in SL, and we appreciate the sincere friendship of you and Ranjith. On this great day let me take your memory back to the Block when at a sig you told the demonstrator that the male organ was made of bone! Now you know better. May you be blessed with great and satisfying years ahead.
    God bless,
    Narme and Nirmali


    • Dear Narme and Nirmali
      Thank you for your birthday wishes and also the you tube song…it was very moving. As far as the anatomy question I cannot remember. Kind Regards. Praxy


  2. Dear Praxy,
    I met you first in 1964. From that time we had been best friends . We were room mates for some time. I had the honour of been maid of honour at your wedding.
    My thanks to you for the support you have given me over the past years.
    Have Fantastic birthday . Wish you good heath and happiness over the coming years.



    • Dear Swarna
      Many thanks for your birthday wishes. We both have been best friends and a great support for each other and I know that this friendship will last to the end. Love. :Praxy


  3. HI Praxy !
    Again, I am wishing you all the best on this Special Day – Your Birthday .

    I put in the photo of you walking down the path beside the Biochem lab-= for a special reason.
    it goes something like this—

    ” Pretty Woman , Walking down the Street- Pretty Woman ,.. ”

    I remember, you, me and Ranjani walking down this path, with you in the middle, , cute as a button, sweet smile, happy face, two little hair braids, nice dress, swinging your hips, and the boys lined up on either side whistling away !.

    Ranjani and I knew, at who the guys were whistling at !!
    Ranjani and my self- we were like your body guards !!!!!!!

    And then, I see you at the back of a double decker bus- perhaps a year or two later- with Ranjith !!
    I almost fell off the stairs in the bus !
    ( I cant remember , with who I was in the bus !!! ) .

    Those Were The Days – Happy Days !

    Now , now Narme- you are not allowed to say ‘bony things ‘ to a Pretty Woman on her Special Day !!!!
    You bad boy !!
    I do remember this sig- OMG- we good girls from an “all girls’ convent educated by nuns ” school were so dumb .
    boy – oh – boy- didn’t we ever learn fast on the job !!

    Anyway Praxy– we both have come a long , long way, and still remain such good pals – for nearly 60 years .
    Much love and good wishes to you- Deepthie .


    • Dear Deepthie,
      Many thanks for your birthday wishes. Yes we have been good friends from the time of our Holy Holy Holy Family days. We were very holy and so innocent when we entered Medical Faculty that we have made some erroneous judgments on body parts. It is always nice to reminisce the past and laugh at all the teachers who reprimanded us at the time. My visit to you at Penetang and the lovely time at Algonquin Park and had a little barbecue with a nice bottle of wine is a memorable one. Love .Praxy


  4. This blog is to our ‘memory queen’

    Stuff Deepthie, still keeping in her pretty head

    Are absolutely astonishing and daunting

    She is like a well kept diary. every tiny detail

    Brings out with such clarity, it is so wonderful

    Thanks Deepthie



  5. Dear Praxy,
    Ever since we started “learning anatomy” by dissecting on the same body, you have been a good friend of mine. You are a very good communicator – kept in touch with all of us. I cant forget the days you, Ranjit & young Joe spent few days with us in Sydney. It was long ago, but feels like yesterday !
    The advent of Skype & email brought us more closer.

    Jean joins me in wishing you a very best & very happy Birthday today & many more to come.
    Being a Bionic lady with solid titanium knees , very kind & generous heart and a well functioning bright brain, you will live long & we will pray for it.

    P.S :- Small advice:- Don’t worry about Narme’s comment about “that” bone. I have an x ray to prove that “IT” has bone. He is not fit to be a Thomian. -( I mean, he is an innocent Thomian)


    • Dear Seelan,
      My thanks to you and Jean for your birthday wishes. Thank you also for the advice to disregard Narme’s comment about the bony parts. Yes I have vivid memories of our visit to your place and the wonderful time we had enjoying a drink at ”Seelan’s Bar” which you said is there no more. At the moment only my Left knee ( tibia femur and Knee cap ) has Titanium but on the 15th of June I will have it on the right knee as well. I am a bit concerned about the post op pain….so your prayers are very welcome for this operation again. Kind Regards. Praxy


      • Dear Praxy,
        I did not mean to hurt you. I thought we can all have laugh on the special day of an extra special and most loved friend. So very sorry.
        With much regards,


  6. Dear All
    Thank you very much for your lovely birthday wishes. I am truly humbled by your good words about me….but do not know whether I deserve these. The delay in replying was due to the fact that Ranjit treated me to a London Theatre package and we left here on Friday and got back this evening. The Musical was An American in Paris and we both enjoyed it very much. Kind Regards. :Praxy


  7. Dear Sam,
    Thank you for your birthday wishes. It was nice sitting next to a quiet chap at lectures at Medical College and did we ever think that after so many years we would be corresponding like this. This is because of the immense trouble you have taken to get this Blog started. We are truly grateful to you for the time, energy, and effort you have put into this. Thank you once again. Praxy


  8. Dear Ariya,
    Many thanks for your birthday wishes and your wonderful praises which I am not sure I deserve. You have been the pioneer of the BLog along with Sam. Both of you have devoted a lot of time and now we are reaping the harvest of your hard work. Thanks to this we are able to communicate freely with our fellow batch mates and thus continue the flame of friendship burning…it is just like having our own FACEBOOK. Thank you. Praxy


  9. Sorry for the belated Birthday wishes. Hope you are well and all goes well for you on the 12th of June. I know the second time around is not easy especially the post op pain and physio to follow. Take good care of yourself.Best wishes and prayers



  10. Dear Praxy,
    Thirty one hits on the birthday greetings blog
    Shows how popular the bearer of RU 64 Flag
    Loving hubby escorting to a musical, the last leg
    Ofba memorable party, a lot for our Praxy to brag


  11. Dear Ranjini
    I have been going through the blog while recuperating and I saw your birthday wishes. Sorry I have not acknowledged it.
    How are you keeping I did send you an email sometime back but it bounced. It is good to note that you also write to the blog.
    In case you did nit know I had total knee replacement a week yesterday and have been going through the blog and realised that I had nit thanked you for your birthday wishes. Are you still a member of 5W. I gave up membership I think 2 years ago. Anyway write and let me know how you ae keeping. send me your personal email address too.Praxy


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