8 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Ariya

  1. This is the Amitabha Buddha statue in Fokuangshan Monastery , in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This statue is surrounded by 480 small Buddha statues.

    Rani as usual beat me to it. The sun rises earlier for her than I.



  2. May be Sam who lives “UP ABOVE” can publish the Quiz while the “Down Under” Rani is fast asleep so that you can see it first & comment, instead of always agreeing with her.

    Taiwanese have built the biggest Buddhist temple in Australia, about one hour drive from my house. It is called Nan Tien Temple – built on a 100 Acre land, but smaller than the Fo Guang Shan monastery.


  3. Got to give Rani the first.place of this quiz.
    Glad to say everyone is on the right track and you all are very well informed and well travelled.


  4. HI folks !
    I did not get in ‘on the act’ as I had my internet’ down’. and my old lap top is also ‘acting up ‘.

    Even if I had it, I would not have known the answer- as I have never travelled to the ‘east ‘.

    It is lovely to see all of you responding the way you do- , and this is my Coffee Morning Glory Time , and I have ‘upped’ the data pkg now to 10 G and the small extra fee is ok- because, if I dont spend my money, my kids will travel First Class !!!!!

    LOVE Seelan’s response- to send in the quiz when The Encyclopedia of the Class of 64 is asleep Down Under !!

    What would we do without Simone Devika Rani Kuveni !!!

    Thanks Rani – you sure LEAD THE PACK !!!!-

    (By the way everyone, dont forget that in the old story, Kuveni knew it ALL and knew how to charm the pants off Vijaya ! )


  5. Deepthie. “I like you as a friend “. “A friend with comments” Um probably not” “Well how about just the comments”?
    I am glad to know that my Genuineness, and authenticity in expressing my views ,exhibited significant Charisma


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