7 thoughts on “Batch ’64 Entertainment

  1. H
    HI every body !
    How come no one from the Down to Earth place commented on this ?
    Am I missing something this morning ?

    Thanks Sam for the two songs .
    Summer Holiday and Kullen Pola Pola .

    Cliff Richard is Anglo Indian- born in India .
    I did go to see Cliff Richards back in the 50’s when he came to Ceylon ( ! ) and had a show in Bambalapitya when Donovan Andres ( I think that was the name of the organizer ) got him down .
    I cant remember the exact name of the place where there was place where overseas artists would come and perform –

    I dont know how, I managed to convince my purist mother and father to take me and my sister to that show , and still remember it well .
    I used to hammer out on the piano, most of his songs – Deep Within Me, Summer Holiday. Cindy Oh Cindy – that used to be the TOP hits on Hit Parade in 1956 I think it was .
    Great Rock and Roll Days they were and I was really hooked on it !

    Then, the other half of my brain– was all about the Sinhala songs -Rukmani Devi, Lata and Dhramadasa Walpola ,Moihideen Bheg and later, Narada Dissasekera and WD Amaradeva .
    As a very young child- it was Sunil Shanta, PLA Somapala and Chitra !

    it was good to hear the lovely voices of Cliff Richards, Lata and Christie Leonard – great baila singer her is .

    Love the Addidas bag the girl uses for the ‘get a way ‘ and makes a run for it with the old guy !!

    So, now having seen Kullen Pola Pola – Iam going to act it out and I need a fast moving guy to volunteer ( love that old guy !!!! ) .

    ” Gattama Bathak Uya,
    Kirihodi Jadi dama,
    Kamu Api jodu dama,
    Sundari mage ‘ !!

    Rani is going to sing like Lata Walpola, and Esiri/ Zavahir is going to accompany her !

    OK- have it all planned out- all we now need is the time and place for the next RU-
    See you all there !

    Baila Kumari .

    By the way folks —-I think I will now have to ‘top up’ my internet data plan from 5G to 10 G and pay more this month !- it is worth it as what the heck am I keeping my retirement funds for ?
    just spend the darn thing and ‘girls gonna have fun !!!!!


  2. Enjoyed listening to “Kullen Pola Pola”,

    Sorry I tend to go with the tide, as a result now I like to listen to songs by. Bruno Mars, Charlie Pooth, Sam Smith , and Ed Sheeran.


  3. Thanks Sam for bringing back memories listening to Cliff Richards and Kullen pola pola. Those were the days happy go lucky care free days.


  4. What can I say ? Deepthie has said it all.
    I still have 2 of Cliff Richards records including this summer holiday – love it.
    However about the 2nd song : being a down to earth young man, felt shy & embarrassed to watch the video. The old man, may be 70 years old, was naughty & too much. So I closed one eye & listened to the song !!


  5. Rani ( Kuveni 321 ! ),
    The names you mention are like alien names – I have no clue who they are . !
    if you are not going to sing at the next RU- who else is going to sing Kullen Pola Pola, that will sound like Lata Walpola ?

    I am quite ignorant of today’s singers – I guess you can say, Iam stuck in a groove !

    Anyway- I just love that song, and love Lata Walpola’s voice .
    Just love the ‘ you tube ” clip- with the old man and the pretty village maiden who makes a run for it, with the Addidas bag !

    Baila Kumari .


  6. Oh my dear Seelan- You are such good boy !
    But, you did get a sneak look at the old man and the pretty young village maiden with one eye open !
    Perhaps you could play the role of the old man, and I will be the pretty village maiden at the next RU-
    I will make sure I will color my hair nice and black- it is all grey- now that I have passed that BIG Seven O .
    So, open both eyes and take a good look, keep both ears open- -till we meet again !!
    Baila Kumari !

    HI Sam The Record Man- ( we had a big Record Store in Toronto by that name, and it closed up a year ago ) — Thanks a lot for obliging me, and for the interesting discussion on Old Melodies !
    Deepthie .


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