Floods and land slides in SriLanka – Sam


Colombo, Sri Lanka (CNN)Sri Lanka remains in the grips of the worst flooding in 14 years, and the bad weather that has killed at least 194 people is expected to continue, the Red Cross said Monday.

The flooding was brought on by monsoon rains across southwestern portions of the country, according to Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Disaster Management.
As many as 99 people are missing, according to Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Center, and the death toll is expected to rise as authorities battle to rescue those still stranded and warn of the possibility of crocodile attacks. The Center adds that there are 112 people injured.
More than half a million people have been affected. India and other countries have sent aid.
Local Sri Lanka Red Cross volunteers and staff workers have been on the scene to give first aid, help with search and rescue missions, and distribute food, water and supplies.


Editorial Note:

I was in Colombo in 2016 May when similar  catastrophe occurred , but fortunately the death toll was much less. RU 64 website was able to collect around Rs 250,000 on short notice to provide some relief on a small scale through Seylan Bank. This year I have contacted LOLC, the company that owns Eden Resort, Beruwala. LOLC will match any cash donations we make,. The official press release is attached below.

Are these natural disasters  a new phenomenon SriLanka? Most often the government tries to say that this is a result of climate change.

Climate change is like God (according to the government officials) doing things that we have little control of. Is it climate change or is it predictable outcome of the gradual destruction of sensitive environment by unsustainable mega development projects?


I encourage you to read the article on this subject published in SL Guardian by Raveendra Kariawasam last year. See below,

Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka: Whose Responsibilities?




Contact information to LOLC

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact me directly


I would love to hear your comments





Here is another avenue for contributions from CoMSAA


Dear Members,

The CoMSAA has started a fund to provide relief to victims of the recent floods.

Please make your contribution to the account No. 72262672 at Bank of Ceylon, Regent Street Branch.

Please inform us of your payment by calling;

Dr Chamila Dalpatadu  0713223378

Dr Aruni Wariyapola   0714785184

Dr Thilina Kanangara  0766853533


Thank you

Dr Sarath Gamini de Silva





Batch64 entertainment

Here is an all time favorite  



Legendary C T Fernando with Rukmani Devi


Cyril Tudor Fernando, popular as C T Fernando was born on the 28th January 1921 at Kadalana Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. A product of St. Mary’s College Nawalapitiya, who often won prices for elocution, singing and drama, including a gold medal of oratory. He was a chorister in his local parish church, and later became the choir master of A.R.P. Messenger service in colombo between 1942 to 1965. He later joined the Grand Cabaret to entertain the troops and further developed his musical talents. In 1946 after a successful audition, he was accepted as a singer in the Radio Ceylon. During the latter part of the 1946, he recorded ‘Pinsiduwanne’ which became a popular hit. He released his first Gramophone record under HMV label produced by Cargills Limited who were the HMV agents in Ceylon. Most of his songs were created by himself.

On October the 17th 1977 CT passed away from a heart attack, leaving a vaccum on popular music in Sri Lanka. Although he is no more with us, his golden voice still lingers among his fans.

The Nightingale of Sri Lanka, Rukmani Devi was born as Daisy Daniels on the 15th January 1923 at Ramboda, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Grew up in Colombo, and she showed an inborn talent to Singing and Dancing whilst studying at St. Clares School at Wellawatte, Colombo 4.

In 1935 at the age of 12, Rukmani performed on stage as an actress. She married Eddie Jayamanne, the veteran film and stage actor, and this paved her the way to embark on an illustrious career that spanned over four decades. Her first recording Sri Budhdhagaya Vihaarae with Rupasinghe Master in 1938 was a massive hit that shaped her career as a singer. Rukmani played different roles in 99 films. In the 60s, she teamed up with Neville Fernando and the Los Cabellaros and went on to record ever so popular songs such as Malbara Himidiriye and Sandak Nagii.

On the October 28th 1978, Rukmani died of a Tragic motor accident near St. Marys Church Tudella, Ja-Ela.


Best Wishes to M.L.D. Fernando!

Happy Birthday Lucky !!!!
I wish you you  the very best today and may you enjoy many more  Happy
Birthday Days in the years ahead .

It was great meeting up with you again at Beruwala, and I love the photo of
you holding up the Canadian Medical Association fun rag- Medical Post- the
head line of ‘ Leadership’ !
This is one photo I really cherish- taken from my camera- I think , I gave
the camera to Mahesan who did a great job of it- and Thank you Mahesan .
I hope this photo made it to the Medical Post , as I do not receive it any
more as I am totally retired .

Seems it was meant for you- the self appointed Leader of the Canadian Camp
!! and you  sure did a great job of it at the concert.

I remember a long time ago ( I think it was dec 1978 )  we met at Heathrow,
very unexpectedly-  with our young families, and we travelled together to
Sri lanka for the Christmas holidays .
There was some crazy funny incident then at the airport ( Airlines were
nuts even back then ! ) , and you became the spokes person for all of  us to
get access to showers etc ,as we all had a long wait before we boarded the
flight to SL .

You  were the first person to call me and tell me about the RU 64- and when
I declined to come, the true  Psychiatrist that you are, gave me ‘Free
Counselling – on why I should attend the RU- 64 ” !
Your timely advice was well taken , and many thanks for that very
convincing bit of  ‘counselling ‘ !

Lucky- you don’t live too far from where I live   just a 3 hr drive at most
So, please , please do come and visit me .

Have  a Very Happy Birthday today with family and friends .

Deepthie–  Fellow Member of the Canadian Camp !




Happy BirthDay Lucky,

Your fellow Canadian said it all. “Leader of the Canadian camp!”

Glad that Kathy and I got to see you after a very long time in Beruwala.

Enjoy this special day, and wish you will have many more to come!


Photo Quiz- Sam



Old pictures of SriLankan Rest Houses



Sri Lankan rest houses are memorable  places that we grew up with , particularly during our travels to different parts of the Island. Some of them were used as gathering spots for socialization by those of us who had to endure “out station” assignments. I have posted 10 old pictures of rest houses identified by numbers 1-10.

Q: Can you identify them by the name of the town? 

(You may click on the photos to get a close up view)





Update from Ariya





Share with you the good news of us becoming a grand parent for the third time, curtesy of elder son Terence and his wife Vasana.
A beautiful girl just under three kg in weight born in Hawks bay Hospital, North Island,   New Zealand today (24th May 2017) around six pm.
See below the jubilant grand pa meeting the latest addition, gleefully.






More News from Ariya

Dear Sam
Having tied the knot in a grand setting amidst a big crowd
Sharing a photo with parents, our younger son and his bride
Grand ceremony held in a prestigious setting in the Midlands
On twentieth May, the couple awaits your sincere good wishes
Ariya and Thavam




Best Wishes to Naomi Arunachalam!



Happy Birthday to you Naomi !!
It was great seeing you  at the RU 64- and it was as if ‘ we ‘didn’t lose a
beat  ” so to speak, when we met, and I wanted to capture this moment in a
photo with you, Indira, Selva and Anoja .
I just LOVE this photo of us together and  I sent a hard  copy of this to
Shiranci  too and she loved it .

The ‘Block Concert’ item by the Aussies-  was just hilarious and you did
sooo well — looking ever so serious !
These are my own photos- that I really cherish .

I am soo happy that I have such good and fun memories of our times together
at Kynsey Rd  and they were all -re- visited again, at the RU- 64 .

Hope we meet again somewhere soon– perhaps the next RU Down Under ??


 Your good friend



Dear Naomi,
It was very nice meeting you at Seelan’s mansion in Sydney
We wish a fantastic Birthday filling your heart with joy
All your wishes to be fulfilled plus good health and peace
Prosperity, fame and longevity in your serene contended life


Ariya and Thavamani


Naomi dear its Praxy and Ranjit here.
Though we are far from you and no where near
We wish you all the best for the coming year.
Praxy and Ranjit