10 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Nisantha

  1. Oh — so, this is what that famous school looks like- now I know !
    I never went in there at all.
    I do have a vague recollection of seeing it from the road .

    The only Boys School I went into was to St Joseph’s college, when my father wouid pick us up and then drive to St J to pick up my brother and then Amma at Good Shep Convent in Kotehena and off he drove us all to Hendala.

    This was the routine for many years, till I was old enough to care for my two younger sisters and we three would take the bus to Fort- to the Hema’s Building, where the Central Bank was located back then, before the new one came up on Chatham St .

    This photo must bring a lot of good memories for a lot of you I am sure .
    Thanks Nisantha for the photo- so, now, I will go on Mr Google and look this up !


  2. Dear Dilisena Tharuwa,
    Royal College the most famous learning institution
    Our batch is blessed by seventeen or so of them
    Lucky, Bunty, Donney, Roger, Errol, Dalpe, Rohan
    Mahesh, Mahilal in my mind, can anyone fill the rest in


  3. HI Ariya !
    I think, Donnie came from Jaffna College ? ( the only Selvadurai that did not go to St Thom Mt ) .
    Rohan Thiruchelvam ( bless his dear soul .. ) came from St Joseph’s if I remember right .

    Correct me if I am wrong .
    Deepthie .


    • Dear Deepthie and Nisantha,
      Did MRC Rodrigo came from Royal?
      I should not have missed Siri Kanna!
      Few more there, but my brain is no more loyal
      Yes I realised my mistake and thanks.
      Some did join the Peradeniya med school.
      Come on, Royalists help to fill the blanks

      An old man’s plight’
      A sure case of mind willing but the flesh is unwilling
      However much I like to travel the old body is hurting
      Three days since return, from a gruesome long flight
      Not yet recovered fully the senility showing its effect

      Those who are energetic do cross the globe up and down
      Like an old buffalo lies in mud, I too stay in one position
      Few things in past got me going do not give the same jive
      The maker sending signals, time is close to leave the town

      Every single sinew and joint announce presence by smarting
      No position really for me to turn for relief from awful suffering
      If this is what is waiting for the rest of life I’m in for a bad time
      What is the purpose of life is the million dollars worth question

      Sent from my iPad


  4. Well ! everyone had enough time for the quiz. I thought there would be more people than the few who responded . Every time one goes by car bus or any other mode of transportation from Torrington Square area pass the old race course and look to the right one would see this building and vice versa on the left.

    Yes it is Royal College, Colombo. I think everyone in our batch have seen this building.

    Aria, Siri Kanna was from Royal also.



  5. \ Just to make a small correction —- had a note from Donnie a little while ago – he agrees with me, that he was the only ‘Selvadurai’ that did not attend STC . and that he attended St John’s – Jaffna and not Jaffna college as I had mentioned .’
    I replied him saying that the only Boys School I knew in Jaffna was Jaffna College !
    Yes Ariya is right- wake up Royalists and fill in the blanks for us !

    And also- we are old, only as we think we are – so cheer up Ariya and start moving , as I need a good dancing partner for the next RU for the Kullen Pola pola !!!!.

    Baila Kumari !


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