Batch ’64 Entertainment

We have posted two calypso music items for your enjoyment the first is submitted by Seelan as a  Hill Billy Poem named “Shame & Scandal in the Family”

Click below






The second is from Sam. It is  a very old Sinhala calypso with english lyrics. supported by an  ensamble of  interesting musical instruments.

Vocalist Mariazelle Goonatileke Click below,




20 thoughts on “Batch ’64 Entertainment

    • Try :- click on the link – then either “save & open” or “save as” & save in the “desk top”
      If it doesn’t work, Type “shame & scandal in the family by shawn Elliot with lyrics” in Google or Youtube.
      Sam can advice further.


  1. Love the Kandy Lamissi !!
    Right up my alley !!
    I was dancing around the kitchen in my PJ’s and coffee in hand !!

    ” I am no Sudu Bonikka- but your kandy lamissi “!!
    And you are my Elvis Presley ‘ !!
    LOVE it !!

    Could someone put the words out please ? neat new twist to an old song .
    Who did the hugely popular original version of it – does any one know ?

    Seelan- I could not ‘open ‘ it either .
    I will watch it on you tube , now that I am at my son’s place for a little while, as I am almost at the end of my internet data pkg , if I were to wait till I go home to watch it .

    Ariya/Sam- can you put out the words for Kandy Lamissi ?
    I want to learn this particular version of it .

    Sam and Seelan- thanks for the Morning Show from the Class of 64 !

    Baila Kumari !!


  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the link. I ‘copied’ it and now it is a matter of learning the lyrics – very funny lyrics .

    Seelan- I was able to watch on You tube about ‘ Your Mama dont know, What your Pappa dont know ‘ !!
    So, now the lad can go and marry his one and only kandy lamissi !!
    Hilarious- I knew it was coming !!

    Thanks guys for the Good Morning Show of Class of 64 !

    Sam- there is a nice on Kullen Pola Pola version, with an old guy and a young kandy Lamissi- on You tube .
    If you can put this on the Web Page – it will be so much fun .
    There are many variations of this old song on YOU tube, but, this one takes the cake with all the simplicity and fun of a typical village mudalali !

    Baila Kumari !


  3. Thanks Sam . It is a lovely rendition of Kandy Lamissee. I have seen this sometime back on U Tube but it was nice to see it again.

    Have seen lot of Kandy Lamissee’s growing up , but never got involved with anyone. “A rolling stone gathers no moss ” . Having grown up in Galle we went to our home town only during vacations. A short exposure to Kandy Lamussees was of little value. After graduating from Med School had a few proposals from Kandy Lamisssees , which I had to turn down , because I was planning to come to the US shortly after my internship.

    Never regret getting involved with a Cheena Lamissee.



  4. Sam- this is a GREAT Idea !
    And have Esiri compose the lyrics and sing it along with Zavahir and Nisantha and the Cheena Lamissi can do carry the show !
    post the video to the Web page – it will be a total hit I bet !

    Perhaps at the next RU we can have a musical show- and I can learn the words of Kullen Pola pola and carry the show with (? Ariya ?? or ) any volunteer who can move to the beat !!

    just rolling some ideas in my head .

    I am running out of ‘data allowance ‘- so will be ” quiet ” for a while , giving all of you a wee break from my natterings .

    Thanks everybody for the good entertainment this morning .
    Baila Kumari !


  5. Gee! Deepthie great idea. I ‘d like to join you in the vocals if u need a female artist

    Sending you my musical CV. Proud to be Among the finalist in aRadio singing contest in the 70-80s.


  6. Wow /!!!! Finalist in a Radio Singing contest – -where was this s? SL or Aus ?
    What did you sing ? what language ? send it to my personal e-mail add- -looking fwd to this .

    Now, your hidden talents are coming out !
    ok- lets start practicing the songs – hope my voice wont go all croaky by then !


  7. Sang Connie Franscise songs like Whose Sorry Now, Stupid Cupid,… In SL. But the sad news is now when I try to practice Singing my voice is sooooooo tremulous . Ha ha may be due to old age, So unfortunately ,Although my heart longs to sing my vocal cords are dead


    • Dear Rani,
      Gargle your throat with 30 mls of Brandy for 30 secs & then swallow it – Nocte.
      – the vocal cord will start singing by itself !
      Why waste a good talent.


  8. Dear Seelan,
    Now the time is 5.30 pm in Melbourne I am rushing to the liquor shop to get the medication, in your prescription, to start the treatment ASAP


  9. I remember Rani singing the Connie Francis songs in the radio competition. You do have a very good voice. You should start singing again.



  10. Thanks Nissantha, it is now only an event in the bygone days, worthy only to be recorded in the pages of the History book.


  11. Rani- this is lovely that you sang like Connie Francis ! those were real Hit parade top hits back in the day !
    I had already left SL by 1973- so I missed it all .

    Never too late to start singing Rani- so, lets hear you sing at the next RU- start singing in the shower !! , and, by the way , how come you never sang at the Beruwala concert ?

    The Canada gp gave me 30 mins notice to sing that song in Mi’Kmaw , and I croaked my way through it to my utter surprise . !

    I just came home after drum circle / singing songs in Ojibway – Cree and Cherokee .
    The voice is a bit croaky- but, I must say, the drum gp still wants to hear me sing and it makes me feel good !!!

    I must try that new RX by the Hon Radiologist- I might regain that tinkle in my voice again !

    Good night folks – lets see what the Web Master has up his sleeve to tease our brains next !

    eagledeepthie .


  12. I think it generally refers to a young unmarried woman, not necessarily age limited to a teenager like most would think.


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