14 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Simone Rani Goonewardene

  1. Dear Simone,
    I am not Deepthie, Nisantha or Seelan
    Who will get this with help minimum
    For folks like me need little more stuff
    At the moment, must say, I am clueless


  2. I have never been to India at all – this may surprise ALL of you !
    But, read about the Ajantha Cave images, when I was still in school, learning about the Sigiriya images .

    The famous Sinhala song- ‘ Lalitha Kala- Opa Karala, Sigiri Landune, Aei Oba thanivi soo dhukeni Inne .. ” and so it goes – sung by PLA Somapala and Chitra, back in the early 50ès if I remember right , describing the Sigiri Lalanawas .

    It was then that I learnt that much of our images in SL- rock carvings ( Isurumuniya – Sigiriya, Polonnaruwas etc were very similar to the ones seen in India – Ajantha and other sites in India .

    Amazing how- we are all sooo very connected in a very special cultural and religious way .
    Now, 60 yrs later- I am learning it all over again !

    To travel from the Arctic Images to that of Ajantha- wo !!!– it is truly wonderful to be able to switch gears so fast !!

    Thank you sooo much Rani, for lighting that lamp in my DNA Memory Cell !!

    So my dx—- Ajantha Caves- where the famous Ajantha Bithu Situwam are located – at least, this is what I learned in school and now, I will look up the Modern Teacher= Mr Google !


  3. I agree with Selan Ajanta caves Arungabad district, Maharashtra state ,India. Seelan congratulations you are right and beat everyone else to be the first to identify the location.

    Now I know why you became a radiologist, and an excellent one I would imagine – only you could identify Rani and Rani’s Nike shoes. I am still searching.

    Nisantha Bnada


  4. Advantages of Being Down Under – seeing the ‘light ‘ first, along with Nikes on the ‘Q’.

    Hey you guys- give your selves a pat on the back for the right DX and give your selves an Anesthetic and close those Radiology X-ray eyes for a bit , and leave Kuveni alone .

    Having played the role of Kuveni on stage, ( see the write up on the Ru 64 Souvernier ) I HAVE to support another Kuveni !
    Way to Go Rani-
    Good Work .
    Hope we see more from you .
    ‘Kuveni ‘


  5. Sorry Ariya , a bit too late for the new clues. Congratulations to Great Seelan, Deepthie ,and Nissantha. The winners of the quiz.

    Visited the place 3 months back, and in borrowed Nike shoes as seen through the magical X-ray eyes of Seelan

    Things I did not know about the Buddhidt Rock -hewn Ajanta caves are,

    It was formed due to accumulation of the flood of Basalt (cooled Lava) rock , due to repeated VOLCANIC eruptions.

    Found in 2nd century BC-6th century AD, discovered by a British soldier in in 1814.there are 30 caves, about 1000 steps to reach the caves,
    The horse shoe shaped rock rising over a ravine to a steep to a height of 250 feet

    One can admire the “Rock- cut- architecture,”with the Monolithic/Reverse Mapping methods, where the chiselling of the rock is done from top to bottom.

    (Sam ,your wife Kathy will appreciate this type of architecture)

    The architectural monuments, and Paintings depict the life of Lord Buddha,and Jataka stories. The murals are similar to Sigiriya frescoes

    I hope that’s enough for the history lesson

    Thanks , to Sam for posting the quiz, Deepthie for supporting Kuveni, and the batch mates for the participation.


  6. Thanks Rani for the synopsis of the Ajanta caves. Piching and I have done North India . It is time for us to see Ajanta and Ellora caves and parts of southern India.

    Nisantha Banda


  7. Thanks Kuveni Rani for the lovely post on Ajantha Caves .

    Never knew about the volcanic eruptions being the main reason for the formation of the caves .
    Mother Nature- She is a wonderful person- for giving us such beauty – such as these caves, canyons, mountains etc .
    Even more beautiful- the way these beauties were ‘discovered ‘ a British soldier going hunting in India during the glory days of the British Raj, a peasant Navajo woman looking for her lost sheep,
    and so on .
    Then- the paintings of the Apsara devi images that have captured the imagination of many generations , in India and SL .

    I dont think I will make a trip to India- will have to ‘close my eyes’ without seeing the Ajantha Caves
    Just too, too tired now for long haul flights and trips .

    Beautiful – -thanks for lighting up the sleeping DNA in my old brain .
    eagledeepthie .


  8. Deepthie I am sure even if you can’t visit the place ,never under estimate the uniqueness of our visualising abilities.
    What we really see in our mind, when we reconstruct all the input gained by photos, descriptive accounts ,etc surpass the actual input gained by seeing the caves?i hope you will agree with me.


  9. Rani- YOU are very correct !
    That is why I refer to you as the Encyclopedia of the Class of 64 !
    I was thinking about, just this last night- as I was looking at Google and reading about Ajantha- the famous words ” Blessed Are They, who have not seen and yet Believed …. ” seem more real , than ever now !

    Actually, I have lost that ‘wonderlust ‘ urge now to travel around – and content to ‘sit around ‘ as I get older .
    I think, I have done enough ‘getting around ‘.

    Having been to Sigiriya and Dambulla, Isurumuniya, I can get a good ‘feel ‘ for Ajantha .

    Now, you have lit another DNA memory cell in the old brain and many thanks to you for your kind and reassuring words .
    Deepthie .


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