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Can you Identify the location of these photos and describe  what you see ?

(Click on the photos to see details)

10 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Deepthie

  1. I think this is from one of the prettiest places on earth SEDONA Arizona. I have not been to this canyon but they are the Sandstone walls of Antelope Canyon in Sedona Arizona.


  2. Description : One cannot
    Ignore the red orange sand stone, the corks screw demarcations on the walls with the the beams of white sunlight radiating from the crevices in the rock illuminating the inside of the cave?


  3. I was baby sitting. Now they are sleeping !
    What a beauty. Good Photography. I don’t think that I will ever have a chance to see this personally. Deepthie , you are great & energetic. Thanks for sending photos like this.


  4. Answer to the quiz– hold your breath- every one !!!

    Thank you Seelan for the complement on the photos and have your little bit of fun, while the babies are sleeping !

    <Mother Nature did the trick for me- I just happen to be at the right place at the right time .

    The Wild Woman of The Woods- is suffering from a severe withdrawal synd as I have not had my walk in the wild woods by my home, in 14 days .
    Need my little dose of endorphine to run through me, to get me going on the yard work for the next two days .
    So now, , I am going for my Walk on the Wild Side and talk to you all in a few hours !

    eagledeepthieinthewoods !


  5. Thanks a lot Deepthie for posting these mystifying photos of the sacred place.i ‘Ve
    Done my best To describe it , despite never having been there, as the “photos are worth a thousand words”.
    No doubt the still images convey the essence of the place. In addition
    Media also gives a descriptive account


  6. Ok folks – here is the answer to the Photo Quiz .

    Nisantha- led the pack first with the correct answer, ( Antelope Canyon- Arizona, USA ) and the rest followed the good leader . !
    The actual location is – Page , Arizona, USA- about a 3 hr drive north from Sedona .
    Geology- simple- wind and water erosion of sandstone over millions of years .
    The wind out there- can by nasty- with the soft sand blowing around .

    Well done Nisantha- for this- as you have not even been there .
    You and Peecha – this is a MUST See sight .

    Yes- you are right – this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet .
    Mother Nature’s gift to the Navajo Nation , and they have the utmost respect for this place , and are kind enough to share it with the rest of the world.
    It sure puts a lot of bread on the many Navajo Nation tables .
    They are very lovely people, ever ready to share their knowledge, with who ever that is willing to listen .

    Rani- The Class of 64 Encyclopedia from “Up Above ” – is ALWAYS on the right track .
    You even described it correctly- why the photos look the way they are .- -the light reflecting off the reddish orange sandstone walls, seem to make it even redder , and the ‘cork screw appearance on the photos- is how the sandstone walls are formed, and it is magical to see how the light falling on the walls, changes colors from moment to moment .

    Indragee- well done from all the way from SL

    Seelan- you can easily get there to see it , as you have the time and the money for a nice grand tour of USA !

    Most tourists that visit Sedona, end up going to see the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon .
    I visited this place two times – 2012 and 2013 .
    These photos – are from those two trips .
    if you look at the photos carefully, one can see ‘ a Candle “– the bright orange photo – a ‘ Bear ‘- . — taken March 15th – 2012.

    The other three- March 19th – 2013. where two photos including the one with me standing , are a bit darker- as the light is different as time moves on .
    This visit- shows a ‘Heart’ in nice bright orange and brown hues , but the ‘Candle’ is not as vibrant as it was in the previous visit .
    I did not get to see ‘the heart’ as nice as this , in the previous visit, indicating, that NO two visits are the same , as the light conditions remain such a variable factor .

    Again- I was at the right place at the right time, and the guide was a lovely Navajo lady- and I just got lucky .

    The ‘Candle ‘photo- is the most popular image- seen in post cards, etc, and not always does one sees it- as the sun light can be vary from time to time .’
    Again, I was in the right place at the right time .

    Antelope Canyon- the most photographed canyon in North America – indeed some say, even in the world, next to the Grand Canyon .
    It is in the Navajo Nation Tribal Park- and ALL tourists MUST be guided by a Navajo Nation Guide .
    . There are two canyons- Upper and Lower .
    Most easily accessible is the Upper Slot Canyon , where one can easily walk on the soft sand .
    it is truly magical to see the shafts of light coming through the narrow slots between the canyon walls , giving such an eerie appearance , every step you take, shows a different image , as the light is reflecting off the walls of the canyon walls .

    The sun passes directly over the narrow space between the high sandstone walls between the months of March through to late October .
    However, there can be dangerous flooding- and 11 people died in a tragic flood in August 1997 when there was a lot of rain up stream, the water poured out into the Lower Slot Canyon a few days later .

    This Canyon was accidentally ‘discovered’ by an elderly Navajo woman, who was herding sheep many years ago .
    One sheep went missing and she as looking for it, and stumbled into the place , during her search for the lost sheep !

    Anyway,now, it is a real HOT Tourist attraction – and quite rightly, the Navajo Nation jealously guard this place, and one has to observe very strict rules of conduct .
    There are special photography tours too – and they pay more for this- with a special guide, as they stay around for a lot longer than the rest of us .

    Visitors come from all over the world to see this magical place .

    if you are visiting- it is best to go on a week day, on the first tour – less people , and less noise as the sound is really magnified in this small confined space .
    On both occasions- I went on weekdays , on the first tour of the day .
    Perhaps- I may try my luck with a noon time visit next time .

    I hope those who are following the Photo quiz, did not actually write a comment- will read this account and get more info from Mr Google , and try to visit this place- specially those living in USA , as it is virtually on your door step .

    Thanks for participating in the Class of 64 Photo Quiz.
    Thanks Sam- for obliging me, on my late request to add on the ‘bear ‘ and ‘candle ‘ photo to the original three photos .
    Deepthie .


  7. Dear Dilisena Tharuwa,
    How much talent one person can possess?
    Is the question to my mind, often comes
    When I see your work with nature and travels
    To add to that profound narrative & literary skills

    The maker has been grossly unfair on some of us
    As people like you are blessed with personality brilliant plus
    Writing skills, will for adventures and energy enormous
    While we are stuck smarting in cold arid desserts while you’re blessed
    With beauties of nature including ‘Kadupul flowers and bald eagles!

    If you are not such an angelic friend with a personality fabulous
    Mere mundane chaps like us would have accrued sins by feeling jealous
    Instead we celebrate proudly all the talents and giftedness bestowed
    By the Almighty on our Bila Kumasi, excellent dancer and incomparable flutist
    Not only being in our batch; the greatest batch but a sincere and caring, wonderful mate.


  8. Thanks my dear friend for the complements .

    Dont thank me- Thank The Creator- I am just a ‘messenger’ to spread the good word/ works of The Creator .
    Miigwetch — ” thank you ” in Ojibway .
    Ba Ma Pi—- ” see you sometime “– in Oji- the equivalent of ‘ gihilla ennam ” as in Oji- there is no word for good bye- as we will always meet somewhere else, in another place, at another time ….


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