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  1. I had to rush and get Nisantha’s posted, and let Deepthie catch her breath. It was reaching the “grey zone’!
    However I am happy to report that it garnered over 300 views! Good job Deepthie.


  2. Today is ANZAC Day holiday. I am going out . May be I will observe the time handicap next time & post my stupid answer now:-
    I think that they are Burmese Kayan tribe. They believe in stretching their neck using brass necklaces.


  3. Mahilal !- the man in the picture is NOT Abey- take a second look !
    Perhaps a ‘ Look Alike ‘ as we age ? !

    Anyway- for my self- I have to say ” Mea culpa ” x 3- as I cheated and looked up Mr Google , on the wise words of our experts ‘ down under ‘– (OMG- I will get a slap on the wrist for that I am sure !).
    Now, I am real flush with new knowledge- not having travalled around in Asia ( except S’pore Airport hotel tours on the way to SL ) did not know anything about these people, their history etc .
    very interesting history and present situation .

    There are certain tribes in Africa- that do the same thing – rings on the neck– for added beauty .

    Question for our Radiologists in the Class of 64– do you see any radiological changes in the cervical vertebrae on these people ? any changes in the ribs, and reduced lung capacity ?
    also- the presence of the rings in the neck- has to alter the posture of the individual, producing changes in the thorasic vert ?

    Sorry guys — to deviate from the topic of Pretty Women- ( with a guitar by the side ) but, my MD brain just kicked in after the Second Cup- the Thinking Cap is working now !

    And for Sam– 300 hits on my Glacier quiz post ?– gee I cant believe it .
    I may have hit it a dozen times during the day to check on who is saying what .
    I have not yet figured out how to check on this- as I have no Techy Brain- got to wait for my Techy Son to help me with this .

    Thanks Sam- and every one , and specially Nisantha/ Peechig, for this interesting post .
    Gotta get going with the day – will check on all of you, later in the day !

    eagledeepthie .


    • 1)Poor Mahilai got caught into this. Being a comrade from Down Under, I have to give him a hand. He just fooled you all. Don’t you know that Abey & Mahilal live in the same “village” in Queensland ???

      2)There are 3 surviving radiologists in our batch. My opinion is that there is no increase in the length of the cervical spine or the spinal cord. The brass rings are heavy and are worn from childhood. The elongated appearance of the neck is only “apparent “- caused by pushing the clavicles & upper ribs downwards. The height doesn’t change. The muscles around the neck will be thin but does not always cause acquired scoliosis or kyphosis.
      Upper lobes of lung – hypo trophied but lower lobes – compensatory hypertrophy. Upper lobes – more prone to T.B mainly due to reduced blood flow.

      3)Deepthie, obviously you haven’t read my last comment 2 days ago under your posting of Gwaii Haanas – about micro RU down under. I managed to send some photos to Ariya but unable to email to sam.


      • Seelan
        Best way to send pictures to me is in JPEG format. First save them in your Pictures folder, then attach them one by one to your Email. Make the size small or medium . Resolution could be set anywhere around 75- 200 ppi I don’t need any higher resolution (pixels per inch) for web posting because the actual size of the picture is very small.

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  4. Ya Mahilal- go get new eye glasses with a New Improved Prescription !

    Do I look like some exotic woman in the web post photo ? your new eye glass prescription will tell you this !
    I hope so !!!!!

    Good to have you on the Web Fold !

    Deepthie .


  5. Gee you guys are a smart well travelled bunch – or did you look up Mr Google – like I did ?.

    Mahilal- you tricked us for sure – and we all got caught !- gee you are smart and LOVE the joke you played on us !
    Global Village I call this .

    Seelan- thanks for the Radiology lesson -very informative .
    Good to know, that the upper lobes are hypotrophied- so, this means they are less prone to TB- a gift from the ‘white man ” , along with small pox that decimated the tribes of north america .

    Haida people- lost over 90% of their population to small pox and that is why we have Gwaii Haanas National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so people know what really happened there .

    Micro RU- in Down To Earth– photos .
    You have to remember, I am an old woman with a hypo brain- so, by the time I come to the end of a bit of writiting, I have forgotten the start of it .

    This time around, I WROTE it down — so I did see the Mirco RU in Down To Earth and that you are having difficulty sending them along to Sam .

    Might need some ‘technical support ‘ on this from a younger brain !
    I seek help from my very techy son, who thinks his mother is a door kno– ‘” how did you ever get through med school beats me ‘ – he says when he gets frustrated with me !!
    He earns his living doing Technical Support- Web Page designing etc .

    Deepthie .


  6. Okay I think everyone had enough time to come up with an answer. Two answers from the people from the “Top of the world ” according to Seelan had the correct answer , Rani and Seelan. From the rest of the world Ariya got the answer as well.

    The Kayan Lahwi or more popularly called Padaung tribes live in Myanmar close to the Thai border. On the other side in Thailand there are three villages with Kayan tribes. The villages are close to the Myanmar border. Therefore Ariya also is correct. Therese people were all over Myanmar until the war in the 1980s and 1990s. During that time they got pushed towards the Thai border

    I asked these ladies whether they sleep with rings on or remove them to sleep. Some do and others do not. They use a heavy pillow to support their head. Apparently they do not wake up in the middle of the night because of discomfort due to the presence of the rings. Having worn them from childhood they get used to it. These ladies were in the city Inle Lake area for tourists to admire and take pictures.


  7. Thanks Seelan for painting more colour to the picture by enlightening us on the adverse Anatomical and Physiological effects that will occur
    Due to wearing neck rings.

    Now the picture conveys information more efficiently and effectively
    It’s time for us NOW to change the idiom from “A picture is worth a thousand words ” to

    A Picture Is Worth A MILLION words?


  8. I just noticed, a mistake on the comment I made , but perhaps the others did not notice it, or did not want to point it out to me , my comment on .– TB in the Hypo trophied Upper lobes-

    So this means, that these women, are even MORE prone to TB due to the hypotrophied Upper lobes , with less blood supply, because they wear the neck rings .
    I suppose, by now, with long exposure to tourists etc, they may have developed some immunity to TB- or else, they too would join the Vanishing Ancient Races of the Modern World .

    Nisantha– thanks a lot for the very educational photo quiz submission , and so many are following our little Photo quiz game ,

    Sam– I wonder who in Germany is ‘looking at us ‘ ….
    7 countries- Aus, NZ, SL, UK, USA, Canada- and what is the seventh country ? S’ pore / Malaysia ?

    Deepthie .


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