Best wishes to Sunil (MSP) Perera !


Wishing you the best of Health and Happiness on this special day!!

Please visit us in Florida next time you venture out to east coast .



Dear Sunil,
Your ‘Big day’ is rejoiced by everyone in the ‘ 64 batch
Charmed by your wonderful smile and the Heart to match
Contentment, Peace and Joy, longevity with Good Health
Wishes sent to my prestigious mate & a thoroughbred chap

Ariya De Silva


Dear Sunil,

Today is a day you remember with pleasure,
A day I am sure you do always treasure.
So we wish you many happy returns of the day,
And health wealth and happiness to follow you all the way.🎻🎻🎻🎻

Praxy and Ranjit


Happy Birthday to you Sunil- !

It was good to meet you along with your very lovely wife and lovely
daughter, at the RU 64 in Beruwala, and again, meeting you all suddenly and
unexpectedly at Kalkudah, a few days later !

I hope you remember the good days at the Lower Quarters at Ragama- when we
had such fun, despite our hard and sleep deprived Internship days .
I remember you shared the end room with Dr. Thurusinghe ( Lumumba grad )
and I shared the other end ( girls side ) room with Shiranci Virasinghe .

You were very quiet and was a very serious student- and did not do crazy
things ( !! ) like most of the other guys, and really did not have much to
do with us girls either .
You made sure, you kept your nose close to your books – and that was a good
thing for sure .

Lets hope we all meet again , at another RU sooner than later, and do let
me know, if you ever plan a visit to Ontario .

Have a very Happy Birthday, and please give my fond regards to your lovely
wife and your very pretty daughter !

Deepthie .

16 thoughts on “Best wishes to Sunil (MSP) Perera !

  1. HI MSP (Sunil)
    Greeting from Down Under. Happy birth day. Every B’Day is important to us. Enjoy the day.
    ( I notice myself in the photo with you)


    • Hi Seelan, Sorry I did not see your response. Thanks again for your birthday wishes. I never saw these pictures on the website until Sam alerted me. Thanks again-Sunil


  2. Did someone say ” Down Under ” ??
    I thought we got orders ” dont call us down under people ‘ or something to that effect the other day !!!!!!
    Anyway- this is Sunil’s day – Happy Birthday to you again-

    Keep up with the news and views of the Class of 64, if you can , as sometimes we tend to get carried away, and go on like a dynamo !

    Now, I have to have my Second Cup and put on my ‘thinking cap ‘ and figure out these tribal girls that Nisantha is sitting around with .– work – work – work – but, I LOVE it !

    Wish you and your family all the best, and hope we meet again somewhere – you never know ,
    it may even be ‘down under ‘ !!
    My special regards to your lovely wife and daughter .

    Deepthie .


    • I couldn’t think of a proper opposite for Down under. ?? From “Up Above” !!!!!. Doesn’t sound “stylist”. So I thought of sticking to Down Under. After all we are Down to Earth people.
      Happy Sunil’s Day.


    • Thank you, Deepthie for birthday wishes and both my wife and Melinda remembers our brief meeting at Pasikudah. We will probably contact you if we are making a visit to Ontario, Canada, but I do not know when. -Sunil


      • P.S. Late reply because I did not see them when I visited the website. I always listen to the entertainment posted by Sam.


  3. LOVE IT – !
    Happy Sunil Day to Down to Earth People !
    Seelan- you are wonderful to think of such nice things .

    —-lets not deviate from the original message here – Birthday Greetings to Sunil Perera !
    Deepthie .


  4. Hi MSP at the outset Piching and I wish you a Many happy returns of the day. All the very best for now and for ever.

    Although we have been communicating with each other frequently long after we left Sri Lanka in the 70s , it was with great pleasure that Piching and I got to meet your wife and daughter at our 64 batch reunion.

    Having attended the 10th World Boy scout Jamboree in the Philippines , I still remembered a few words of Tagalog ( Philippine language ) . I spoke the few words , the good words, I knew and Carmencita was amused that I still remembered them.

    When we were in the Philippines we sang singhalese songs and Baila. The baila ” rail pare mama yanakota palan kokku, unge puke hai karanee kala thuwakku “.

    When we sang that baila people started laughing. We were curious as to why people were amused. We inquired and found out that in Tagalog Puka or Puke = refers to the female genitalia. Being that we were cultured boy scouts we immediately stopped sining that Baila.

    Again all the best to you , Carmencita , your daughter ,son and family.

    Piching and Nisantha


    • Sorry for the late reply, I did not see them when I visited the website. It is hilarious, and always have to be careful in foreign countries how we communicate, because this has happened to me. Thanks for the comments and hope you can join the 64 Batch Dharma group which will be launched tomorrow, 6/9/17 at 6:00 PM. Please ask Nisantha to accept the invite so you can join the Facebook private group.-Sunil


  5. Many happy returns of the day MSP. Wishing you many more happy and healthy ones. Nice meeting you, your wife and daughter at the RU also at the departure lunge at the SL Airport.


    • Thank you for your birthday wishes,. Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy and have not checked the postings myself. We will keep in touch.-Sunil


  6. Dear MSP sorry I missed out on ur birthday wishes hope u had a lovely day and do accept all my good wishes


    • Thank you for the reply. I missed all these comments as well until Sam pointed out. I should be more diligent in checking my birthday wishes. Hope we can meet at the next reunion probably within the next two to three years. By the way, do you have Annasley’s email?–Sunil


  7. Praxy and Ranjit: Thank you for posting the pictures on the reunion website. I enjoyed very much our brief meeting at Dubai airport and back at reunion. Hope to see you soon when you all get organized again, probably in Colombo when they open Port City, Colombo.

    Ariya: I hope you are not funny. Your poem quite aptly describes me to some extent. You are becoming my Kalyana Mitraya that means, you are going to keep me out of trouble. Thanks for best wishes-Sunil

    Sam: Thank you for alerting me for all the birthday wishes by batch mates. It was my ignorance in navigating your website. I usually visit Miami but next time before I visit there, I will look you up to meet with you. I think 2020 will be a good year for us to have a reunion again in Sri Lanka, possibly when Port City, Colombo opens, possibly at Sheraton Colombo or Sheraton Turtle Beach. Wait for your suggestions.-Sunil


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