13 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Deepthie

  1. Ok- Down Under folks- you get the first crack at the quiz, because you wake up with the rising sun , while the rest of the world is asleep !
    Lets wait for a few more responses –
    Deepthie .


  2. You post the quiz on Tuesday, we can answer on Monday. Don’t call us down-under.
    Turn the world map around – we are on top of the world. !
    May be we give you a handicap – say 1 day!


  3. ok Seelan !-

    Agree with Above , that YOU are at the Top of The World, if I turn the map around , and I am sorry, if I touched a sensitive spot here , and also, it is sure nice to see the light before, anyone else around the globe sees it.

    I will wait till it is” night time ” eg about 9 pm, in the Western Hemisphere- to ‘spill the beans ‘ giving everyone in different time zones a chance to have a go at it.

    This is the beauty of this whole Photo Quiz project –

    I hope you are ok with this .



  4. Dear Seelan and Deepthi,
    Thank you mates for teaching me a thing or two
    While the tussle goes on who is up and who is down
    Like to enter the fray by shedding my ‘two cents’ too
    To spur a friendly argument waking up few more kangaroo!

    By reminding that the map is named with London at centre
    West of London, western and east is named on same theme
    Middle eastern, being the term given to those lying in between
    Whoever is up or down, London is thus at the centre of our world!


  5. Ok folks- it is getting close to 9 pm, here in Ontario- in the Western Hemisphere !

    RANI from Top of The World is the WINNER . !!
    Rani- your ‘wild guess’ nailed it down to the last word, even before I woke up and had my first coffee !

    YOU are a very Clever Kuveni for sure- .
    Congrats !

    Yes- it is the Jakobshaven Glacier of Greenland – also known as Iiulissat Glacier , named after the town, in South Western Greenland , where the Greenland Ice Cap. finally meets the sea, when it is melting and flowing down .

    It is this Greenland Ice cap that forms this glacier , and it is the most lovely sight to see this floating mass of ice, choking the fjord .

    It is the fastest moving glacier in the world, moving at a rate of 40 Meters / Day.

    Look up Mr Google for more on the subject of glaciers etc .

    What a gorgeous sunset it was- nothing short of magical and photos ( google or otherwise ) really dont do justice to the beauty of this place

    What you cannot find on Mr Google- is that I did a wonderful Arctic Expedition- North West Passage , – with Arctic Canada ( Tour company ) in Sept 2014- just before I came to attend RU 64.

    There were many from Australia, NZ, S’pore, Malaysia, UK, Germany , France, on this trip.
    Most of us were from Canada and USA – as far south as California and Texas .

    Total number of tourist passengers- 75 ., as the smaller fjords that had the most lovely wild life, ( polar bears in the wild who have never seen. or smelt the scent of humans ) in the Canadian Arctic would not take in larger vessels .

    The oldest person on the Expedition was an 84 yrs old lady from Toronto- who came with her twenty something grandson – and she was really the ‘role model ‘ for all of us .
    You should have seen her climbing up and down the gangway, and getting in and out of the zodiacs !

    We stopped for the night in a place called Disko Bay- just south of Ilulissat, and and had a disko dancing / party night and had vodka with glacial ice , and danced the night away wearing a nice black sari , in the middle of Greenland !

    What a night it was !!’

    The next night, we were treated with a brilliant heavenly display of the Aurora Borealis ( Northern Lights ) .

    Again- Rani- you are Brilliant !!– you now have to visit Greenland, if you have already not done so .
    Thanks for playing the RU 64- Photo Quiz.
    More to come I hope !
    Deepthie .


  6. Ariya !
    YOU are The Centre of the Class of 64- living in the Centre of the World map !

    Does the map indicate who is UP, and who is DOWN ?

    To me, we are all living in The Global Village !


  7. I never even had a chance to look at the picture and take a guess. Cannot keep up with Rani. As Deepthie says people Down under – sorry on top of the world – have a few hours to think about the answer to the quiz before we wake up.



  8. The 64 batch is very lucky to have Ariya The Great in the center of the universe & 64 batch, The Brave & Energetic Deepthie at the Top, The Brilliant Rani Down under & Sam the Great web master has the control of the World.
    What else we need to keep the friendship going.


  9. This is just wonderful , how we all came together- from TOP to BOTTOM !– with Ariya at the Centre and Web Master Weaving the Web, watching it all from the sidelines, ( and having a good laugh ! )while we all get a bit tangled up, touching sensitive spots, ( ???) spinning round and round, trying to ‘get it right ‘ on the Photo Quiz.

    Once again- Rani- YOU are THE BEST !
    As a treat, I will send you a few pics without killing your lap top or what ever you use to view pics .

    Seelan- what would we do without your humour . ?
    I must really watch my words here with the likes of you on TOP of the world !

    Keep the dialogue going and stay away from ‘sensitive spots ‘ where ever they may be !!! !!

    Thanks a lot every body- I really enjoyed this ” RU 64 Greenland Glacier Expedition ”

    Good night- Sweet Dreams from the Western Hemisphere- that is now supposed to be Down Under !!

    Till we all get tangled up, all over again, in the Spider’s Web over the next quiz–
    I remain the ‘Brave and Energetic ” Eagledeepthie .


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