15 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Ariya

  1. Ariya is floating- !!
    treading water ?/

    I do know, where this was taken, as he sent me this photo some time ago .

    I will let others do the thinking !, as I dont want to blow the bubble because I do want the dialogue to continue .

    Keep going every one !!
    eagledeepthie .


  2. Thank you Deepthi, our ‘Dilisena Tharuwa’
    Your restrain is appreciated by this ‘koluwa’
    I am sure, without hints, answer will come
    As mates of our batch, are widely travelled.


  3. Dead Sea, Israel- the only place Aria will float as its density is high, unlike in Mt. Lavinia where there is a school by the sea.


  4. Ariya is FLOATING !!!! You must be joking. He is a chicken – doesn’t want to go into the deeper water – just lying down on the sand in the very shallow water !. I am unable to zoom in but there is something prominent in the groin area. Is it his travel wallet or something else? I don’t know whether any ladies watching him other than his wife taking the photo.

    He is happy but his expression says that the water is a bit cold. The circular ripples around him indicates that he “lied down” few seconds before Thavam took the photo. I still think that this is not in a colder location, but not sure where.

    The other people in a slightly deeper water especially the well fed man may be in ariya’s travel group.



    • Dear Seelan,
      You are impossible
      A Sherlock Home
      With a radiologist’s skill

      However the truth is what
      Narme deduced,
      Myself and bits you referred
      We’re floating on a salt lake
      Renowned among the world
      As the ‘Dead sea’ mate


  5. Narme you got it right and have done well
    It is Dead Sea between Jordon and Israel
    Because of high salt and mineral content
    Density is 1.38, how else can I float so well!?


    • Hey, Esiri, our batch, ‘pun-master, welcome to the fold
      Nice to hear from you we will have ‘puns’ of quality Gold
      To keep the friendship among batch mates tightly bound
      Sam’s idea of ’64 web site is unique, and is a ‘God send’


  6. well done folks !! _
    I love the dialogue, specially Seelan, the tried and true radiologist that he is , with the Eye of the Hawk

    Good thing I did not let the cat out of the bag !


  7. Hey Esiri !
    Welcome to the Web fold !
    The new feature of the Music Video of Class of 64- that Sam started today , you can send in a nice Sinhala song – I will try and watch it .
    There was a nice one I saw a few yrs ago- Kullen Pola Pola- real nice one .

    Keep Singing ! Deepthie .


  8. My dear mates,
    Though the body of water has been now clarified
    For facial appearence speculations had developed
    As an expression of fear of water a few elucidated,
    Let me clarify this, I do swim well even in fresh waters

    Born by the sea, spent most childhood in Hikkaduwa
    And virtually lived in St Josephs pool in ‘Bloem’ days
    Having been trained with water polo team of the faculty
    Dear Seelan, note that I do not suffer from ‘hydrophobia’

    The truth is an element of ignorance on my part
    High concentrations of salt water causes painful eyes
    As I accidentally splashed water as I myself dipped in
    For hours, both eyes and face were tremendously burning

    In fact few minutes before Thavamani took that picture
    Few kind onlookers splashed on to me fresh bottle water
    Though that relived the intense smarting for few minutes
    Please note I was in agony in the ‘Dead sea’ throughout.



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