Batch ’64 Music feature

Hope you enjoy this new feature ” Batch’64 Music Videos” I will publish any type of entertainment Video’s that you think that batch mates might  enjoy. Please forward them to my personal Email address, Click above for one of the most popular  Hindi songs ever done , with amazing cinematography. Hope you like Sahrukh Khan! Enjoy.

Love to hear your feed back positive or negative


4 thoughts on “Batch ’64 Music feature

  1. Bollywood ?
    Sorry folks- I dont have an unlimited ‘data plan’ to watch videos on the internet .
    So, I will ‘sit it out ‘ for the Music Feature.

    Sam- Ariya — Thanks a lot for the Photo quiz, that was a fun thing to follow .
    Perhaps, it can be resumed at a later date ?

    Enjoy the Music Feature .
    Deepthie .


  2. Deepthie
    Sorry to hear that you have access issues. Don’t you have broad band in Canada? It will cost extra for us only if I watch videos on my cell phone outside the home. Anyways this was only a trial new feature. You don’t have to watch it. We will always continue with our photo quiz. I have quite a few on the pipeline.


  3. HI Sam, there is broad band high speed internet in big cities .
    I live in the boonies – and there is NO internet- in small towns .
    We have to buy ‘data ‘ time from local suppliers .
    Bell Canada- is who I deal with , and I pay for 5 G/ month .
    We may get unlimited internet facilities sometime down the road, and when down the road, I am 6ft under !
    Thanks again – for everything .


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