11 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Deepthie

  1. You have given away the answer in the clue. Anyway I need it after an exhausting couple of weeks with failures.
    -Monumental poles in Gwaii Haanas, British Colombia.


  2. Well done Seelan. I agree with you – It is Gwaii Haanas national park Nothern British. Columbia.
    Piching and I are in Vancouver BC right now taking in the sights and sounds of the lovely city and it’s suburbs.


  3. OK- Quiz is now closed !
    We are a well travalled bunch for sure .

    Seelan and Ariya – have you been there ?
    I am sure – as both of you got it down pat !

    I thought ( so did the Web Master !! ) we all needed a break ‘after a couple of weeks of failures ” ‘ !!.

    Nishantha and Peecha- how nice you both are where these poles are – in BC ., though Haida Gwaii is a long way off from Vancouver,
    Will you be visiting Haida Gwaii on this trip ?
    Even just to visit Haida Gwaii- without seeing Gwaii Haanas is worth it –
    Take the ferry or fly to Skidegate or Masset, rent a car and drive around- this is what I did . .
    Another beautiful museum there in Skidegate .

    Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms and try to visit the lovely Bouchard Gardens in Victoria –
    Enjoy the Stanley park poles – the whole place is nicely done up now – not like the way it was some 25 yrs ago .
    Dont forget to spend some time at the Museum of Anthropology– another magical place , with a lot of history, and there are masks from Srilanka too-, in the Far East section .
    I usually spend a whole day here- have been doing so, for many years- as my daughter lives in Vancouver, so I visit BC almost every other year .

    Ariya- you are right about Ninstints .
    This name was used some time ago- it was a mispronounced name of the village Chief- Nan Sdins — meaning – The One who is Two- – the bearer of the name, so great, he was equal to two men .

    I was there in 2011- May, and it was a very memorable visit .

    The most memorable moment was when I played the flute ( after permission from the Haida Nation Guide ) .
    Some people actually wept in silence– only the sound of the ocean, wind and the flute was in the air .
    It was more than magical ….
    There were only 16 of us- as only 16 are allowed /day- as the area is soooo fragile .
    There were a few Americans- and one white America woman was particularly nasty to me. the only dark skin in the gp ., and the rest of the gp noticed it, as it was soo obvious .

    I said nothing- I knew The Creator will give me my chance ..

    She was the one who cried most .. and told the whole gp- ” the best moment of the day for me was when Mary played the flute ‘…
    Moral of the story- Surrender without firing a single shot !

    Logging- was a very contentious issue in Haida Gwaii in the late 70’s and early 80’s and the Haida People fought hard and won the battle with the big moneyed guys – and got their land back .
    Some logging still goes on, but, on a more controlled manner .

    All of you, who did not get time to participate in this quiz, , or visit this place, can read more about the sad, yet, beautiful history of this beautiful World Heritage Site on google .

    Thanks to Web Master and all of you .


  4. Forgot to mention- if others want to comment on this quiz, please post your comments , under this particular quiz.
    I closed it early, as I am going to be busy for the next little while, but, will check ‘comments ‘ from time to time over the weekend .
    Thanks to all of you who are viewing, , even though you are not posting comments .
    A few comments posted by ‘silent viewers ‘ however, will be nice and fun to read, for all of us, scattered around the globe .
    Bye for now !
    Deepthie .


  5. Deepthie – I have never been to Gwai Haanas national park but have heard of it and read a bit about it looking at brochures and other literature. I shall Google it to learn more.
    We were in Stanley park, the Museum of Anthropology . We have been to Buschard garden before but not this time.
    Most importantly we went to the Sri Lankan restaurant ” Kurumba ” in Port Moody , 45 minutes away by train. We went twice because the food was good.
    All the best.


  6. HI Nisantha and Peecha .
    glad you both are having a good time – !
    Glad that americans are spending their green backs helping us- and getting your 30% more value !!

    ” Kurumba’ must be a new place .
    My daughter / family used to live out that way some yrs back .

    Try and make it to Haida Gwaii and Gwaii Haanas sometime , which is truly a magical place .

    If it were not for the 300 days of rain, in the Great Bear Rainforest- I would re-locate Haida Gwaii, as I had many ‘retirement job offers’, such as to help run B/ B/ Indian Cooking / Master Gardener help and god knows what else !

    Nice place for a holiday stay- but, not to live- at least not for me !

    Have fun – Deepthie .


  7. Dear Deepthie,
    I have never been to see Gwaii Haanas, but heard about it. I have been to Canada twice but only to Toronto where my Late Sister lived from 1985. She passed away in 2012. My niece Ranjini & Husband Thevakumar are still there (owners of Niru Brand spices etc. They have a Mill & factory there)

    Earlier you were talking about RU down-under. We had a Micro RU at my house in Sydney on 28/02/17. I tried to send some photos to Sam, but unable to attach them from my i- phone to his email through my P.C.(even after reducing the size).

    Have nice holiday. You deserve it after all these exhausting Photo quiz!


  8. This is a pat on the back, an appreciation to the web master
    Livening our lives, challenging grey mater. receding now faster
    No dull moments in retired lives, actively searching for an answer
    Special thanks to Deepthie & Seelan for contributions far superior


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