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As a photo enthusiast and a certified photo critic I love images that evoke an emotion and simply tell a story. This is a typical contemporary photo of rural SriLanka. I wonder if you agree with my interpretation of this picture.  It was taken in the morning judging by the man rushing to catch the bus to office and the boy in school uniform at the far end with back pack. It just stopped raining resulting in misty skies and water puddle in the foreground. When I look at the pot holes it reminds me of the crumbling infrastructure still common in our villages. The dog who is rushing to nowhere, and the house wife standing by the road ready for a chat is unforgettable!
Life goes on with all its simplicity likely not too far away from a bustling metropolis with all its problems.
Enjoy, comments are welcome. Did I miss anything?

21 thoughts on “Photo Appreciation – Sam

  1. Nice picture Sam. I am glad you did not ask for the location. I would have said Galle, Unawatuna, Kuliyapitiya and perhaps 50 other places or more to find out the exact spot.

    It may be close to a tourist hotel , because the guy in the foreground is white Or a Sri Lankan Albino.

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    • Clever observation Nisantha. I never noticed the skin complexion. However, his gait looks hurried and purposeful showing some familiarity with the location. Also tourists would normally carry a backpack or at least a hip pack to carry their belongings.
      Hope you are enjoying VC.


    • I also have a technical observation. The morning sun is directed low and most likely on his back. It seems to illuminate the orange wall of the house and the clay colored side walk on his path behind him. It is possible that this man is a fair skinned local showing the orange reflection of the surroundings on his skin.


  2. HI Nisantha and Sam , and every one else .

    The Photo- is sooo nostalgic – but it ends there ,
    That’s it .

    Even the street where I lived in Hendala- is sooo narrow- two vehicles cannot pass .
    People have ‘walled them selves in ‘ I suppose for security reasons, with 7 ft walls, barbed wire on top , 10 ft metal doors with a peep hole , as a gate, and so, and so on .

    The villages- eg- where my grandparents lived in Matara- that street is now like a very narrow open sewer !
    Never mind the mosquitoes that are breeding in the open drains .

    However, I did see some real nice clean village streets / scenes in Trinco- as I drove all over the town , and outside the main town area .
    Actually- Trinco was the BEST place I saw during my 3 wk stay in SL in 2014 .
    The next place was Batti area .

    On another note- I too seem to think, the guy walking is a white guy- compare his arms to the old lady on the side – the skin color is very obvious .
    This is the FIRST thing I noticed, as I Iooked at the photo .

    But this aside, the entire village scene is very serene, capturing the peace and quiet of the morning .
    Thank you very much for sharing this with us .

    Rani- I am now visiting my Oji- Cree friend- spending the weekend with her, in a small quiet Ontario town called Parry Sound .
    I showed her the similarities of the Sinhala writing way with the alapilla, papilla and how it is soo similar with the way the Inuktitut / Cree way of writing / spelling .
    She was quite taken up with the Sinhala writing letters and my solo attempt at mastering the Inuktitut script, using the Sinhala script to navigate my self around !

    Also, she was really impressed as to how on earth , someone from Down Under would ever know, Cree script and Quebec !

    Good Wishes to everyone – Deepthie .


    • Ok, Deepthie and Nisantha,
      I have reposted the photo with a singular modification. I hate to ruin this nostalgic picture by some “white guy” walking down the street! See it on the main post.
      Thanks for your participation


  3. I can see the moss laden Kabook wall ,like green snow clinging to the crevices, due to the wetness that remains from the morning dew, and rain when everything has been dried up by the sun.

    The beautiful Coconut trees Thambilitrees tree,and other Flora in the background reminds one to overcome the phenomenon of “Plant Blindness”which is more than an interesting quirk of human perception, which
    . impacts on our effort and understanding when describing a picture. Please pardon me if I am wrong

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    • Rani, you are absolutely correct, we can all be sometimes guilty of “Plant Blindness”
      Thanks for your additional comments on this interesting picture.


  4. The hair is definitely brown , not black. That rules out the fact it is a local. It is a long sleeved shirt and the sleeves are folded. The shoes are fancy dress shoes. I think the Sun is on the left side and not on the back. Look at the shadow of the man ,the dog and the woman. The man and the dogs shadow is obvious, the woman’s shadow is behind her. Moreover the woman has a glow on her face indicating she is facing the sun.

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  5. Rani- You are most certainly correct in my humble opinion .
    Your mind captured ‘the moment ‘ in such eloquent words- describing the beauty of the coconut/ thambili trees etc.
    The phenomenon of ” Plant Blindness ‘ — I love that way of describing the way we see things , or dont see, what is around us .
    You sure added a new dimension to Photo Appreciation – something I will remember from now on .

    Thanks Rani, for little lesson on Photo Appreciation .

    Thanks Sam- for posting the ‘village scene ‘ .
    Deepthie .


  6. Agreed – It is morning after some rain in the night( as only the pot hole is wet) & the man may be white & living in S.L for a while ( as he has the gait of a local & has folded sleeves), I am wondering whether the misty skies is due to someone burning Rubbish at the other end of the road – provided that the photo is recent. If the photo was taken 7-8 years ago, I would have thought that a house is being burnt far away & the road is almost deserted and the lady has come out to find out where the smoke coming from!! ( just a thought)

    There are plenty of trees in this street. Therefore it cannot be in Jaffna. I went to Jaffna, after 31 years in 2001 to see that most of the tall trees have been cut down for security purposes. Hope they plant more trees now, as they add beauty as well as help ” green house effect”

    Nisantha, with your good eyes, you should have been a Radiologist!!!


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    • Seelan
      You sure know how to ruin a beautiful dialogue about a nostalgic picture. Very funny!
      Nisantha must have some imagination, because when I enlarged that picture all I saw was ugly square pixels!!


  7. Dear Sammy,

    Its just FUN.!!

    OK, I ruined the dialogue, but you ruined the nostalgic picture by editing & removing the “white man with the dress shoes” His shadow is still there!! You should have removed the haze as well. Then I would have kept quiet.

    After all, we are all fun loving people.

    Poor Nisantha,- he misinterpreted the pixels – would have thought the shoes are made from snake skin leather!


  8. HI Every One !
    The photo looks great without the ‘white man ‘.

    After a good night’s sleep, and a good morning coffee, I can see well now ( !!! ) – and the ‘white man ‘ is gone and the photo now captures the Village in The Mist – with all its Peace and Serenity .

    Actually now, the eye of the viewer now goes to see the landscape, plants , trees, the house etc etc — without a hint of Plant Blindness .
    Rani– Thanks to you .

    There is NO definite object for the viewer to focus on now .

    The wet and pot holed street- seems endless …. with the dog following the little boy going to school, and perhaps his mother / grandmother in the blue dress, watching the child as he walks to school .
    The tall coconut and thambili trees now add a new height and dimension to the photo, enhancing its ‘distant look ‘ effect so to speak .
    it is interesting to see the ‘power lines ‘ criss crossing the street- indicating this sleepy little village is going the modern way with electricity !!

    My Oji- Cree girl friend with whom I am spending the week end, also says ” now that the man is gone, you seem to see more of what is in the photo’.
    She is dead right !
    What magic ‘photo editing ‘ can do —
    Thank you Sam, for the ‘new photo ‘.

    eagleeyedeepthie .


    • The hair is definitely brown , not black. That rules out the fact it is a local. It is a long sleeved shirt and the sleeves are folded. The shoes are fancy dress shoes. I think the Sun is on the left side and not on the back. Look at the shadow of the man ,the dog and the woman. The man and the dogs shadow is obvious, the woman’s shadow is behind her. Moreover the woman has a glow on her face indicating she is facing the sun.


  9. Rani and Deepthie are right. We ignored the ” plant beauty ” because we took it for granted.. We tend to focus on the people in the picture. I think Sam gave us a dead rope and made us focus on the people. His initial comments were ” look at the child on the way to school, look at the guy hurrying his way to work, the house wife eagerly waiting for a chat. Nice work Sam , we got caught.

    Seelan they are dress shoes for sure ? When I enlarged the picture I could see the ” John White ” trade mark in the sole of the shoe , thanks to my brand new I Pad. Just kidding


  10. Hi Sam, I was looking through some of the old posts and read through all the comments after your post of the village seen..Yes, it is a beautiful composition of life in the village on a misty morning.On examining the picture further I see several features not commented upon.In the foreground where the lady is standing appears to be the home of a building contractor as I see tiles/ bricks stacked giving the appearance of a wall.Behind her and partallly hidden in the foliage at a distance is an elaborate white building ? Church ? Temple? Mosque? . School.
    The mound of rubble( crushed granite) is also an indication of a contractor/ building work.This is in the area where there is a ?sign/ ?deity perched on a post.(Not very clear.)just behind and in front of the lamp post on the right.
    The street lamp is either broken or has a more recent long life bulb( unlikely).
    In the distance at the end of the road is a,patch of green.? Rice field.
    All these give us a peek into their lives.Thanks for sharing.


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