10 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Sam

  1. Dear Sam and all mates of batch ’64,
    Agree with Nisantha but will have lot to lose, if I get it wrong
    As I once was the VOG in N’Eliya, so should know this building
    Being a ripe old septuagenarian, memory is my last, trusted thing
    Whatever it is congratulations are to Sam for keeping the trend going


  2. I stayed at the Grand oriental one night in 2001, but my old brain cannot remember the building. All I remember is that we had a good well maintained garden view from our room. If Nisantha is correct, Congratulations.


  3. If it is N’eliya Grand Hotel — I Never had the money to stay at this old colonial building , and visited N’eylia only ONCE in my whole life- and that that too,a day time visit .

    The photo is just lovely- dark star lit sky, golden building , and how you managed to centre the golden building, with the starlit sky above and the V of the green hedge on either side of the driveway, taking one’s eye- straight to the subject .

    Great photo job .!

    Looks lovely like an old Bavarian castle , or an old mini castle anywhere in Europe .
    If it is in N’eliya- then, being governed by colonial masters, I am not surprised it was built to look like something of an European origin .

    Where ever it is – it is a beautiful PHOTO– never mind everything else !!

    Thanks a lot Sam- this Photo quiz- —-I seem to wake up in the morning, have my coffee, and EXPECT you to put out something to start my old brain going !!

    LOVE it and Thanks – Deepthie .

    By the way- I dont know where / or what it is !!!


  4. Well, we had 207 views from 7 countries on this quiz, with only a handful of responses. Most all of you got the location correct ,Congratulations.
    It is a night time view of Nuwara Eliya Post Office, Tudor style red brick building with a clock tower is the oldest post office in SL built by the British in 1894. In 1990, the this building was used on a Rs10.00 stamp to commemorate “World Postal Day” Thanks for playing ’64 Photo quiz”


  5. It is great to know that so many are participating in the Photo quiz game .

    wow- 207 hits from 7 countries !!
    Let us kno, in your next post, the 7 countries – will be interesting to know ‘who is watching us ‘ !

    I must have looked at it 10 times since I woke up this morning- to see who has written what , and to go back and see if there are any additional responses to the Kadupul quiz- and saw Rani’s from Antipodes as Aussies/ Kiwi’s see the day light before any of us !

    I see- you posted it around 10 pm Eastern Standard Time ( Ontario and Florida time )
    I am and old woman, who hits the sack around that time, a bit tired after the day is done- as I have NO Housewife/husband to do my house/yard work !!!!
    so, this quiz- sure gives me that ‘wake up call ‘ with my morning coffee.

    However, tonight- I will be up late- attending the local Field Naturalists meeting , in time to catch the next quiz hot , hot !!

    Thanks again to you and Ariya
    – Deepthie .


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