Photo Quiz- Ariya


Ignore the old guy spoiling the picture and focus on the young couple
Name the country, national dress of which, is worn by this pair supple
As a hint, it is a highly populated, cosmopolitan country in the Far East
Though no prize, winner can be pleased over the geo-cult


11 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Ariya

  1. National Dress of Indonesia –
    –Agree with Nisantha and Rani .

    Looks like a Lungi that the girl is wearing , that we used to wear around those days , though not so elaborare
    Even the style of ‘shirt’ the guy is wearing looks like some of the shirts that are worn by our guys in SL- , though not so ornate .

    What ever it may be- the ‘old guy’ looks a GREAT guy -complete with a belt wallet full of some good stuff- ! though not sure what it is full of !!!

    Deepthie .


  2. Dear all

    Sorry to disappoint Seelan about the ‘yellow’ mark on my ‘Hip-wallet’
    Would love to agree with his suggestion proving my virility no doubt
    The truth however is that it was a tour group number as a yellow sticker
    Activities you tempted do not happen theses days as frequently as I prefer

    By the way about the quiz, I am proud of my batch
    Virtually everyone got the correct idea of the patch
    Indonesia, Malaysia are incredibly close answers
    Couple and the dress came from the island Borneo



  3. Dear all
    I have been enjoying the photo comments and itis so wonderful to see so many taking part and keeping in touch … Thanks to Ariya’s initiation. I have told him that our batch should be called The Kit Batch ( keeping in touch )I am in Sri Lanka for a few days on my own having a ‘girly holiday’ with my friend who is here from Canada. Have been busy so not been able to contribute much even though I have been following the blog.Going back to hubby in a few days time . Praxy


  4. Well, well — who would have thought of Borneo !!
    I must go on Google and ‘Read All About It ‘ !

    Seelan- keep looking ‘below the waist ‘ !!- at wallets and legs – lots of interesting stuff going on down there !!!!!!!!!!

    Just heard the ‘ring ‘ for another e-mail- and see it is the Next Photo Quiz– gotta get to work , now that I am awake and alert and oriented in all three spheres, after a good night sleep and morning coffee !
    Bye for now- Deepthie .


  5. Hey Praxy– you MUST be having a great Girly Holiday !!- as you were silent for a week .
    Keep up the good time on the Girly Holiday in the Island in The Sun .
    deepthie .


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