10 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Deepthie

  1. Dear Deepthie,
    ‘Kadupul mala’ is the Sinhala word
    Do not know In Queen’s language
    If I am correct, credit is not mine
    Because you taught it, my good friend

    You also told me it blossoms at night
    Lasts about a month with divine scent
    I have a photo of the previously sent
    You should give marks hundred percent


  2. This is called Queen of the night. Also referred to as Dutchman Pipe Cactus. Found in Sri Lanka and India. The flower does not last a month , but blooms at night and wilts by morning.

    Nisantha Banda.


  3. I like to withdraw my silly answer(Magnolia). That shows how ignorant I am. I have never heard of this unique flower. I am eternally learning from my MASTER.(Ariya)
    -Stupid Seelan.


  4. Ok- ALL of you got it down pat !
    Smart bunch we are . !!
    Nisantha- thanks for the actual meaning of the flower- which I did not know — yes- it is truly a flower from heaven .

    The photo of me with the tree and the plant on the tree – taken at the Galle Fort during my trip to SL in oct 2014 .

    The photo of the flower – my home .

    I have this growing as a House Plant – grown from a little cutting that was given to me by a friend, who got it from another person who smuggled it into toronto ( way back when !! ) from vietnam .

    My plant- I have had it for nearly 15 yrs , and blooms every year- and it is a BIG deal for me when it blooms in the night.
    I leave it out on the verendha during the summer .
    Now, it is too big for me to carry around, and I leave it where it is indoors , and it is growing like crazy .
    I have given cuttings of this to many people and this way- Spread the Good Flower !

    I sometimes invite someone to watch it open bit by bit, as it gets darker and darker in the summer .
    Blooms come anytime, from May- October , indoors .

    It is truly magical to see this gorgeous flower blooming right before my eyes , and I sometimes invite some one to watch this thing of beauty with me, into the night .who ever that is with me – usually a neighborhood lady, living close by, till about midnight .
    We have tea and snacks and enjoy the long evening .
    Iit is faded by morning, leaving a lovely vanilla fragrance in the home .

    I have heard of this lovely legend on the flower -please correct me if I am not correct .
    here it is —
    “Once Upon a Time– there was this Menike inside a Gal Guhawa in the deep dark forest somewhere in the Island of Lanka , and this Menike was guarded by a big Pimbura .

    At the entrance to the gal guhawa, was a big vine of the Kadupul- whose intense fragrance and the glowing white in the night blooming flower, was a real magnet to attract would be itchy hands of people to the galguhawa to have a go at the Menike .

    The would be menik hora- would go near the guhawa, see the glowing light of the Menike in the light of the moonlight, get almost knocked out of the senses by the intense fragrance of the many Kadupul flowers , and reach for the precious menike .

    Wham– the Pimbura stung the outstreched hand in the guhawa .
    Then, the Pimbura had his dinner .
    The owner of the itchy hand never reached the village and vanished without a trace .
    The Menike is safe and sound in the gal guhawa . ”

    End of Story and many thanks to all those who participated in the Kadupul Quiz !!
    eagledeepthie .


  5. Hey Seelan,
    Your answer is NOT silly-
    Dont underestimate your self !!!
    We are glad that you even take the time of day to read this, appreciate the work of Sam and Ariya and the few of us are doing to keep the Class of 64 Alive and Well , and respond, when most say ‘ I am too busy : , I have no time to read all that : etc ‘
    .To Each is Own I say !

    Thank you very much Seelan for playing the Photo Quiz Game !!
    More to Come !
    deepthie .


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