8 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Sam

  1. Dont have a clue !

    Folks living in Colombo- please HELP to educate me !!
    Glad that the big commercial magnates in Colombo are helping to preserve something of the days gone by .
    Thanks – Sam and Ariya for this wonderfully fun and educational project!!
    deepthie .


  2. Gee, this is getting difficult. I better sit in the back seat.
    Whatever it is – a nice piece of architecture – add a small fountain & couple of garden benches – will make a nice place to sit & enjoy a beer !


  3. ya- a nice garden bench , some issa vadai, a nice cool thambili right out of the fruit with a straw , some good company- then, have it made in the shade !!

    Rani- Kuveni – ya gone to sleep on this one ?
    I thought you were a real genius to have nailed the STOP sign as coming from Quebec in Cree .
    You were Very Close on that one .
    never knew that some one Down Under would know anything about the Canadian Arctic .
    Perhaps- you should take on the Northwest Passage as your next trip sooner rather than later – before it all melts and turns into a banana republic !
    more about this when I get around to writing to you .

    Ok Sam- What is it ??
    And, how long are you going to keep us all in such suspense ?
    I am getting and anxiety attack !!

    eagledeepthie .


  4. Ok Ok You guys are giving up too easy. I am disappointed in my Colombo colleagues because I know there are some very smart chaps out there. May be they are not paying attention still busy celebrating the New year. Now to the puzzle.
    You all have visited the area known as Colombo1 or Colombo Fort. Have you ever wondered where the Fort is? The Fort was built by the Portuguese, later occupied by the Dutch. The Dutch used it as their trading post and used it to protect them from enemies within and across the ocean. The Fort was later taken over by the British who completely destroyed it.The remnants are spread out and only two are publicly visible. The picture above is one and the second is in Pettah area.
    The property above was given to Commercial Bank by the Government on condition that this important remnant is preserved and incorporated. People are able to see this structure as they walk in to the bank entrance area.
    Click below or copy and paste the link below on your browser for the full description of the history of Colombo Fort


    Thanks for playing Batch’64 Photo Quiz


    • Thanks a lot Sam for this interesting article. I am also enjoying the photo quiz although I have no time (saddest of words!!) to send comments.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks Sam, for the educational up date on the quiz.
    I have not seen this- as I am not a regular visitor to CMB .
    are we continuing on the Photo quiz, or are we done now ?
    I hope NOT – as I was just starting to enjoy the whole Quiz Show and not ready to give up this soon !


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