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Deepthie has two questions on this photo quiz, 1. What is the Country of Origin of the photo?

                                                                                                2. Spoken language of the province can be seen on the Stop Sign. What is the name of the Language?


5 thoughts on “Photo Quiz – Deepthie

  1. Rani, you are correct on the location. According to Deepthie, the photo was taken in Arctic Quebec, in the town of Kangiqsuallujjuaq! – where the spoken language is Inuktitut. Sam


  2. Rani- you are REAL smart to nail the location as Quebec . !!

    This is Arctic Quebec- where the main language is Inuktitut spoken by the Inuit people in Arctic Quebec ( formerly known as Eskimo- this word is not used anymore — it is a slang cree word to describe these people , like the n word for Afro Americans ) ).

    Cree and Inuit were sworn enemies way back when – !

    The Inuktitut spelling can have minor variations – from the Province of Nunavut to Province of Quebec.
    I will send you a few interesting photos – where the Cree language syllabics are very similar to the syllabics of Inuktitut ., and a photo with different spelling of Inuktitut for STOP- taken in Arctic Bay , Nunavut , about 500 miles north west of Kangiqsuallujuaq.

    YOU are quite the Linguist !!
    Well done !!

    Deepthie .


  3. Congratulations Rani. I am not a traveller. I didn’t have any idea. Deepthie was smart to put up a difficult one, but you killed it ! The language looked like what my 2 yr old grand daughter scribbled on our wall !

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