11 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Sam

  1. This is most likely the Galle Fort- during the Dutch period , at the entrance to the Galle Fort .

    I remember seeing something like this at the entrance to the Galle Fort- when I visited it after the Beruwala events , when I did a trip to Hikkaduwa .
    Did not take a photo- but, will search my old albums and see what I have .

    I walked all over the Galle Ramparts – re- living my childhood in Galle !

    I saw something VERY similar- in Trinco- Anno 1675- at the entrance to the Fort Frederick .
    I did a little trip out to Trinco- Batti area after the Beruawala events and spent time inside the Fort Frederick .
    Deepthie .


  2. Ok- Oh well- I goooofed it !!
    Close though- being the Dutch Period at least – correct on this one ?

    by the way- where was the location of Ariya’s quiz ?


  3. Dear Sam,
    My answer to your picture quiz may be completely wrong
    But I must offer a view to keep the new competition going
    Could it be on the wall of entrance to a high class restaurant
    In ancient city familiar to you and I both, Sothern province, Galle?


  4. Jaffna Fort entrance- Built by Dutch. It is next to my school ( Jaffna central college). The grounds around the Fort was known to us as The 3rd ground where we used to play Tennis ball cricket. It was also a hiding place for some naughty kids – hiding from the Principal Rev C.A.Smith (from Adelaide)


  5. Hey Seelan !
    You are one smart well travelled person !!
    This MUST be the right answer . so, you score 2 out of 2 I bet !

    Rani- you Aussies are a well travelled clever bunch .

    At least I got the Dutch origin right- as I saw Fort Frederick in Trinco when I was there 2014 oct .
    I think, my brain is half frozen up here in Canada.!
    I am just having fun learning something in my dotage !!!!

    lets see what the Web Master has to say .– he has the Final Word !



  6. Congratulations to Seelan and Simone (not sure who you are).Correct, It is the entrance to Jaffna fort. Initially built by the Portuguese in1618, Captured by the Dutch in1795 later taken over by the British who maintained it until1948.


  7. Simone and Seelan, accept my congratulations
    I was wrong almost by full length of the country
    It is good to learn at tender ages of seventees
    Please submit to web site all interesting mysteries


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