10 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Ariya

  1. Great new Project and many thanks to Ariya for starting it and to the Web Master for getting it going !!

    Thavam- is wearing a ? head scarf , Ariya in T shirt- must be somewhere nice and warm- perhaps even hot !
    Architecture of the buildings behind ? Mosque
    Location – near a mosque in Morocco ?? or somewhere in the Mediterranean on a cruise with lots of fun
    Where ever it is – both of you look real nice !
    Deepthie .


  2. gee whiz!
    this is getting exiting !!
    And– The Winner Is —- ??

    does the winner get a free tik to this exotic place, or will be dragged out kicking, screaming and bleeding from the face ??
    no- I will not risk it in the unfriendly skies – take my chances just to go to AZ and back, next year, on a direct Air Canada Toronto – Phx flight !


  3. Since at least one of you have come close to the correct answer, and I am ready to post the next quiz, I will divulge the answer at this point and move on.
    It is Muscat , OMAN! near the Sultan Quaboo’s Grand Mosque.Thanks for playing.


  4. At least I got the ‘mosque ‘ part right in the game .
    I have never been around the Mid East- too scared !!

    I guess- Seelan is the ‘winner ‘ who came close to it !



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