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  1. Dear All
    Wish you all a Happy Easter and may The Risen Lord shower down all his blessings upon you all. Praxy and Ranjit


  2. Happy Easter to ALL of the Class of 64.!!

    Thank you Ariya for the lovely Easter Greeting message of New Beginnings, New Life, and Time of Awakening .

    In this day and age, when around the world, Religion has turned into such a Divisive Issue, it is amazingly wonderful to see how we in SL has all three major Religions has been celebrating together – the Buddhists, Hindu and Christian, with a few days of each other .

    This in it self, is such a positive way of Living in Peace and Harmony .

    I dont know if the rest of the world is watching us and learning something from those of us in that little Island in The Sun .
    We sure had our share of issues, but now, we have learned the hard way, to live in Peace …

    I was raised as a Roman Catholic- and my memories of Easter is when I used to spend it in the little fishing village of Pitipana, near Negombo, with my extended family .

    During the Holy Week- ie the week prior to Easter Sunday, there used to be all night singing by the fishermen – ” Pasan singing ‘ as they say , a word from Pasque ( Pasku in the colloquial Sinhala in that village ) .

    It was just wonderful listening to the voices of these fishermen, singing in Latin ( !! ) in unison, their voices rising and falling with the winds from the sea , drifting into the darkness of the warm april nights, for the whole village to hear, and lull them into a peaceful night .

    Then, there was the all important Good Friday Procession down the only street in the village – a pot holed road at that, way back when, where the Stations of the Cross was enacted , with a man carrying the cross, and finally , we gather in the village church compound to watch the Crucifixtion and stay around till it is dark .
    We all went without food on Good Friday- except water and a bit of rice/ soda crackers .

    Families that played the various roles in this Enactment- proudly held on to those roles, for many generations .

    Saturday- was a quiet day in the village .

    Easter Sunday- Celebrations – much like the New Year Celebrations, with all of us dressed in our sunday best, going to church etc . and meeting and greeting family after that, followed by a nice ‘sea bath and yellow rice ‘ feast !

    I dont know if this tradition still continues .
    I was last there during this time, in the early 60’s .

    My April School holidays ( indeed ALL my school holidays for that matter ) alternated between Galle- Matara, to Pitipana, giving me that wonderful exposure to two different traditions, and I am all the richer for it .
    I was ‘packed off to relatives ‘ during the school holidays- as my dear Amma, just could not cope with this hyper brat in the house !!!

    I did visit this village of Pitipana, with Lakshman and Gita in Nov 2014- on our return from A’pura, to visit a relative of mine, who was also a class mate of Laki- at Maris Stella College in Negombo .
    The quiet village is now a bustling town- much of the old landmarks gone, but, our old ancestral home of my aunt- is now a Seniors Home , run by nuns, and still intact with the old very ornate Portugese architecture and red tiled roof etc .
    It was good to see something of my childhood is still alive and well !– Thanks to Laki and Gita .

    Hope you all enjoyed my Easter Trip down Memory Lane, unleashed by Ariya !!!!

    Happy Easter to ALL .

    Deepthie .


    1. Thanks Deepthie for that message with wonderful memories of your own easter celebrations in SriLanka as a child. Have a wonderful Holiday Sam & Kathy


    2. Dear ‘Dilisena tharuwa’
      Thank you for relating us your childhood memories of Easter
      Very impressive is your memory and you are a nice story teller
      Ours is the most united batch and are very closely knit together
      Religion or race no divisions, a set of siblings caring each other


  3. Deepthie it was lovely reading your account about the good old days in Sri Lanka. Thanks for that.
    Happy easter to each and every one of you The Class of 64 ,and your loved ones.

    Picking and Nisantha


  4. Thanks to you all for the encouraging comments .
    This is just how it was back then .

    I suppose, this is done in other parts of the island too- where there is a large RC population .

    Good Friday Crucifixtion Re Enactment –, and this is really done on a very , very elaborate and grand scale, once every 10 yrs . in Germany in the famous Oberagamau Passion Play .

    My Amma went all the way to Oberagamau, Germany, in the early 70’s to see it , as part of a pilgrimage travel group, and this is a huge tourist attraction .
    But, in that sleepy little village of Pitipana, most times, I was the ONLY tourist. !

    Perhaps- Praxy or Anslem- who are more knowledgeable on these issues, can correct me if I am wrong, if not add more to it, to educate us.

    But, of course -there is Mr Google – that I have not yet checked, but will do so now !

    Thanks again, for the appreciative comments .
    Deepthie .


  5. Spelling Correction ( looked up google ! ) —

    OBERAMMERGAU- a Bavarian village in Germany .

    My amma went there in 1970 .

    The next Passion Play- 2020- tiks now on sale it seems !!


  6. Hi Deepthie
    Thank you so much for sharing your childhood memories with all of us. You are such a great story teller. My memories are rather sketchy and I try very hard to tell some stories to my sons, who are blessed with so many opportunities in their lives. My family home is still in Jaffna and I have not visited it for many many years. One day in the near future I would like to take my sons to Jaffna, where I spent most of my childhood


  7. Thanks Ariya and Deepthie. You forgot to add that Friday was also holy for the Muslims. Thus all religions in Sri Lanka were joined in these three days in Sri Lanka. Blessings to all batch mates in the coming year.
    Narme and Nirmali


  8. Thanks Narme/ Nirmali for the note on the Holy Day for Muslims , that skipped my mind completely .
    Yes, it is just wonderful how all major faiths have come together in Sri Lanka, this year , during the festive season .
    I remember this happening just like this, many years ago- when on the 13th April- it was Easter Sunday/ New Year, and the Good Friday before .
    I dont think such a thing happens anywhere else in the world – in this aspect, we are quite unique , and I hope the World is Watching …
    Perhaps those of you who are savvy on Social Media can put out a message on this , for the world to see and learn something good from us .

    Selvamalar- take your sons to Jaffna- ASAP !- Dont procrastinate on it .
    Life- is very unpredictable !!

    I took my youngest Canadian born son and his gf to see Amma, in 2011- ( she passed away the next year at age 95 ) and visited our old home in Hendala- the home that his grandfather and mother designed back in 1958.

    Young as I was, I had a good head for home design and landscaping
    The old place is still there, looking good as ever , with some great renovations , after the new owner won a lottery and used some of the winnings on a home reno project -!
    This is what the neighbours told me .
    The new owners- ( for the past 25-30 yrs or so ) the lady was a pupil of Amma at the Good Shep convent- and was only too pleased to take me and Amma, back in the ’90’s and later me ,my son and gf around the house and ,on both occasions, I had a great time answering the many questions that the new owners asked . !
    Even the mango sapling my father planted some 55 yrs ago, is still there !!

    So, Selvamalar- take your boys to Jaffna- and they will forever remember this trip .

    Good wishes- Deepthie .


  9. Dear Aria and the others from the class of 64′

    Thanks for the Easter wishes and the New Year greetings; and Deepthi for your wonderful Easter recollections. It made us reminisce the memorable times we had in Sri- Lanka as the class of 64′ and life in general as well. Will cherish those wonderful memories during our lifetime.

    Best wishes to all.

    May the good Lord shower his choicest blessing on all


    Ranjit & Shanthi
    Winter Haven, Florida.


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