Sinhala Avurudu Memories – By Ariya

Anual jamboree in my old village

Beginning of the “Avuruddha” by the sun god

Moving from twelfth house Pieces to the first Aries

Trigggers a celebration to both the young and old

Compiled few verses

digging deep in to memory

Hope this will remind the events

Be patient with my primitive poetry


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8 thoughts on “Sinhala Avurudu Memories – By Ariya

  1. Happy New Year to ALL – !!

    I believe the New Year is with the Full Moon which will be on the 11th April .
    Ariya- Love the photos – you sure got some real nice photos to illustrate the Greetings .

    I love the one with you and your mom- taken some years back that bring me lots of memories – Even the one with the woman making the rope for the swing !-
    I used to see this when ever we travelled along Galle Rd – to Matara/ Galle- where my grand parents ( Matara ) used to live and to Galle, where all my cousins lived .

    Oh that smell of the kavum !!
    This is special for me, that woman making kavum on the road side at Peliyagoda, near Nawaloka Hotel and Bakery- that we used to pass by every day to and from school to B’ pitiya from Hendala for 10 yrs !
    This was our Friday Treat for years and years, with a nice Bath Packet from Nawaloka Hotel !

    Ariya- you have to send me the English names for the constellations- I was able to figure out a few of them- like Leo, Virgo, Libra .
    Did not know, what Makara is .

    Anyway- I managed to read through the Sinhala script- with difficulty- and understand the meaning of what you wrote .
    I thought my Sinhala was good- until I saw your 32 pages of it today !!

    I wonder , how many of us can even understand the pure Sinhala that is now spoken and written , compared to the colloquial Sinhala that most of us used to speak, and still continue to speak .
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful lyrics- I will read it again, and try to understand and enjoy the meaning of those wonderful lyrics .
    Some of it- reminds me of W. D Amaradeva’s old songs .- -the language in its purest and most beautiful form .
    I believe, it is the same for any language – the pity is that most people are now losing their native languages, all over the world- some of us HAD to learn another language, to get ahead in life .

    Such is Life ..

    Thanks again- and Happy New Year to ALL RU- 64 !
    Deepthie .
    ps- who is Mr Wijeratne ?


  2. Dear ‘Dilisena Tharuwa’
    I am really impressed as to how much you collect of Avurudhu festival!
    Many thanks for many things
    Firstly for your fabulous complements to my work. Critics like you are the best writers and poets dream of.
    Secondly for the effort to read through 30 odd pages of Sinhala verses.
    Thirdly for comparing my lyrics to those of great Amaradeva’s songs
    By the way Mr Wijeratne is my eldest brother who lives in our ancestral home,
    where still Avurudhu celebrations carry on like the way I used to know.
    English terms of signs of zodiac, I will include in my next mail
    Best wishes


    • Dear Indrajith and Manel,

      Thank you for your sincere good wishes
      Thavamani joins me in wishing you the same
      May the New Year dawn brings you even more fame,
      Prosperity, Good health and contentment in your marvellous life

      Ariya and Thavamani


  3. HI Ariya,
    it is good that you appreciate my ‘comments’ !

    Class of 64- please do excuse my ‘ramblings ‘– I have to ‘get it out ‘ to the world , so to speak !

    I forgot to mention- LOVE the photo of Thavam, making Rasa kavili, and your three sons celebrating Avrudu in your home in UK !

    ” The Raban Players “- I have this photo on my lap top- and I have shown this to my drum group , here in my town .
    I have a nice batik print, of Avrudu Raban Players , that I brought over , when I left SL in 1972- still hanging on the kitchen wall .
    I will send you a photo of this later .

    Drum beat- is ‘ The Mother’s Heartbeat “- that is the First Sound we all hear – this is the Teaching by the Native Canadian- American people , and that is why Drumming is such a Sacred thing- in most beliefs across the world .

    One year, about 15 -20 yrs ago or so, I sent Praxy ( Praxy I wonder if you remember ! ) all over town out in SL, to look for women playing the Raban on the Avrudu time in the big shopping areas for tourists , take a photo and send it to me .
    She found out that there were NO Raban players anywhere in Colombo — they have all gone to the Middle East it seems , and the tradition has not been passed over .

    I hope it is still there in your village Down South .
    if you can get a recent photo of this- please send it to me .
    I even have a tiny drum in my home, like the big ones used in the villages in SL .

    For me, this Raban Playing was a memory that has been imprinted in my DNA seems like- having heard it as a child in Galle and Matara, and later in Sinharamulla, Keleniya where we lived for two years and went to a local school in Keleniya, where Anslem and Wimal were my class mates in grade 4 !!!

    I know how to play the Raban, and sing the many rhymes too – eg-” Donta Babakkata Denna Deyak netha…’ ” !! etc etc that is real fun .

    Sometimes, I do this in my Drum Circle here , just for fun and education- to show the Native Canadian-Americans here, that Drumming is such an ancient tradition among most Ancient Cultures .
    ‘ Talking Drums ” of the old slavery days- and drumming was prohibited by the slave masters in USA .

    I wonder if the Australian Aboriginal people and the Maori’s of NZ have drumming as a tradition .
    Google will educate us !

    Anyway– All Good Wishes again- to the Class of 64 !
    Thanks for ‘listening ‘ !!

    eagledeepthie .


  4. Dear ‘Dilisena Tharuwa’

    Thousand apologies, for not responding earlier
    During ‘Avurudhu’ days time seems to go faster
    Friends and relatives, gossips, paramount advices
    Buying, receiving gifts, life rushed up to a high gear

    Read all comments envied by your marvellous memory
    You too seem to like every culture and remembers in detail
    What a wonderful ‘cog’ you are, in the family tree of ’64 entry’
    While sending this note of appreciation to a fantastic lady
    Ariya wishes a Very Happy New Year to you and the family


  5. Happy New Year to you again my dear Ariya and Thavam !
    It must have been very gratifying to you both, to participate in all the joyous celebrations, and I hope you both had a good time with family and friends .
    I do really envy both of you .
    I really do not have any one here, in the small Ontario town, to celebrate with, though in the old days, living in the big city near Toronto, my self and other stay ‘at home young mothers’ would be very involved with the kids- teaching them Lee- Keli, dancing , kulla winowing dances etc, with my kids and other SL kids in the area .
    It was a hugely popular event back in the late 70- early 80’s .

    if you have any photos of women playing the Raban Pada during this time, in your village, – please let me have some .
    The only one I have with any SL women playing Raban pada, is the same one that you put out in the greetings , and the batik print on my kitchen wall !

    About 15- 20 yrs ago, Peecha,Nisantha, Esiri, Zavahir, Sam’s brother, his wife Shirani Mallika ( I went to school with her at HFC ) Kumi/ Siri, and some others would organize a very fun New Year Event in Pittsburgh, and me and my husband would drive there for a weekend, and stay with Peecha or Kumi .
    We did this for many years.
    Peecha was the main cog in the wheel !
    That was l during the time, when driving across the border was a fun thing to do .

    By the way- Gunasiri too had difficulty understanding the ‘high sinhala’ even though he said he got a Distinction in Sinhala at the O level , at the Rahula College in Matara !
    So, I dont feel too bad , having studied at Holy Family Convent for 10 yrs !!

    I sent him some nice photos/ notes about my early life and times in Matara and Galle, with my grandparents/ family etc ., when about 15 yrs ago, I tracked down the Notaris Kantoruwa, on Maha Vidiya- Matara, where my Seneviratne grand father was a Notaris Ralahamy till he was 80 yrs old !
    I wish others would write about their own life and times, during this Avurudu Season, be it Matara/ Galle, Jaffna, Batti, Pittsburgh, , or where ever, when life was simple and uncluttered, and we all lived with much respect for each other .

    Anyway- thanks again- for the feedback, and to know, you had a Good Avurudu Season .
    deepthiedilisenatharuwa !

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