Happy Birthday Selliah!



My dear Naganatnan,
Send Greetings to one of the nicest mates in our batch
For a Happy Birthday and a future full of joy and peace
Every wish to become a reality flourished with Good Health
Longevity with Fame and fortune as you do deserve the best

Ariya De Silva



Happy Birthday- to you ! Naganathar !

I hope you like my Birthday Greetings Flute Song !
What a coincidence– that I am playing the flute by the pool, and you
happen to be the ONLY one that seemed to be interested in listening and
watch me play !
I guess , it was meant to be your Happy Birthday Song !

It was good meeting you and Indra at the RU 64- and lets hope, we meet
again sooner rather than later .

Have a Very Happy Birthday- on the 9th April, and wish you many more to
birthdays to follow !

Deepthie .


Dear Naganathar how are you keeping ?
I am sure with Indra by your side you must be gleaming 😊
Knowing that your birthday is today .
We wish you many happy returns of the day.🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Praxy and Ranjit .

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Selliah!”

  1. My Dearest Nagi,
    Birthdays come & go but your heart is young for ever.
    You are one of my best friends & I can’t forget the things we did together- both good & mischievous !
    Unfortunately we are living far away from each other for us to meet very often. We never had a dull moment when we were together at Bloem. You were a great support for me & vice versa. I miss all these.
    God gave you Indira. Best wishes for you both. Enjoy your Birthday.
    Your Sincere friend
    Jean joins me in wishing you both the best.


  2. Belated birthday wishes Naga. May you have a contented and happy years ahead. I remember you polishing all the shoes of the Kittiyakkara boys during the rag before you went across to Blom. I also admired the courage of you both doing GP work in Jaffna during difficult times.
    All the best to you and Indra.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  3. Happy Birthday Naganathan.Are you celebrating your birthday in Sri Lanka?
    We know that you are capable of being like our friend receiving the 10th Birthday Card from the Queen.Please ask Seelan who our friend is.

    Maharojani and Sreetharan.


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