Best Wishes to P. (Shiek) Bandaranayake



Let me be the first to wish you a wonderful BirthDay. Kathy and I cherish the friendship we have enjoyed knowing you from the early days of training, raising families and now in retirement! Many Happy returns of the day Piching!!


Sam & Kathy



I always called you Peecha- for some reason , I dont know why – it seemed more affectionate than an official name I guess .
You were that One Unique Gal in the Class of 64, and in the whole Faculty for that matter – those exotic oriental good looks, brains, charm, personality, all rolled into one lovely being .
And guess what – I was the lucky one who got to sit next to you for five years !
Thank you for being that true friend, , and being ever so patient with me, during all those student years I sat next to you .
Thank you for your long and loving friendship , all these 50 years !
I do remember, very lovingly, how you invited me and Shiranci, to share with your lovely family, the festive meal for the Chinese New Year, in 1965- the meal your mom and dad cooked , the BEST Chinese Meal , I have ever had , and ever will, I am sure .
I do remember, very fondly, how you would tell me stories about your family, how your grandmother taught you to do bead work, and you would be doing very lovely colourful beading on little purses, in the Girls Common Room, during lunch time.
I do remember, on most Monday’s , you would show up for class, wearing some neat and attractive Tie and Dye Shift Dress- that you made over the weekend, that was the In Thing in Style back then
And Oh by the way- I do remember this ONE thing- that most of us do remember about you ! .
That is, when Dr Joe Olivelle asked me “ Miss Seneviratne, could you kindly explain to Miss Sheik, how babies are born “ – when you asked him that sixty four thousand dollar question, during that legendary Anatomy Sig !!!
The boys roared , Senanayake squirmed in his seat next to me, and you went red like a beet, and I sat there with my mouth open !
I did not teach you anything- you married one of the nicest guys in the class, and you learnt on the job- ( !!! ) and went on to become a Pediatrician and a devoted mother to three very lovely daughters !
I wish you The Very Best on Your Birthday Today- 2nd April ., and many more to come .
Your loving friend-

Deepthie .


Happy Birthday Piching!

It was nice chatting with you the other day
When we were in Marco Island on our holiday.
And now that your birthday is here
We wish you all the happiness and laughter and good cheer.

Praxy and Ranjit.


16 thoughts on “Best Wishes to P. (Shiek) Bandaranayake”

  1. Send greetings wishing a wonderful birthday to dear friend Piching
    You enrich our batch and we all admire your erudite life, charming
    Renowned for beauty, generosity, wisdom and compassion endearing
    May you have a long healthy life with the blessings of the Triple Gem


  2. Hi Piching,
    Birthday wishing from Sydney.
    Enjoy the day.
    We wish you a very happy and healthy future.


  3. Hello Piching, Happy B’Day. You are always a great support to me on my Allergy Attacks, Planning trips, What are the best eating places: you have never been wrong!!. Iranthie joins me in wishing you all the best. You will get a personal call this afternoon. WIMAL.


  4. Thank you friends for all the good wishes. Hard to believe that I am 72 today. Nisantha and I had a wonderful time renewing friendships at our last reunion. Looking forwards to the next one.
    Love to all


  5. Dear Peach
    This is how we called you from School to batch of 64. Then doing the internship at the same time and room mates at 10 Regent Street. Then you left for USA. I stayed on. Many happy returns of the day. May you have lot of very happy birthdays in the years to come.

    Swarna (yahams)


    1. Thank you Swarna. I do remember the fun times we had together both n medical school and been room mates at 10 Regent Street. We used to play a lot of table tennis during the lunch breaks in medical school. I miss all that. You have to make sure that you attend the next reunion.


  6. Hi Piching. Happy birthday. Enjoy your day to the fullest. You have now become more a sri-Lankan ,elegant, wearing sarees and more beautiful than ever
    I can remember the incident Deepthie alluded to. I was more naive than you were at that stage, but knew the answer to the question. Paul was going on about it for years. It was fun days!!!


  7. Hey Peecha !
    You were not the only dumbo in our year 1 at med school. !

    Most of us girls- having led a very ‘sheltered life ‘ at home and in all girls school- we were quite dumb about a lot of things, until we walked through those doors and into the Block !
    Then- we all learned a few things !!!

    Anyway- glad you liked the greetings and the comments .

    I do miss the Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festivities event that you used to organize in Pittsburgh back then, and we would drive over, stay with you and Nisantha- bask in the the most generous hospitality , song, music, dance , food fest for the weekend .

    I would not dream of driving across the border now, with what is going on now .

    Try and visit Ontario- again – like you did back then, when your girls were young in the mid 80’s !
    Now, both of you can come alone and I am sure, we can have some good times again .

    I visited with Rajes y’day- and she really enjoys reading through the Class of 64- page.
    She is doing ok and looking great as usual .

    Again- Good Wishes for many more Happy Birthday Days – Deepthie .


  8. dear picha many more years of happiness ,deepthi keep on reminiscing all thes e happenings of yesteryear,i guess banda was the lucky guy.


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