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We have posted two calypso music items for your enjoyment the first is submitted by Seelan as a  Hill Billy Poem named “Shame & Scandal in the Family”

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The second is from Sam. It is  a very old Sinhala calypso with english lyrics. supported by an  ensamble of  interesting musical instruments.

Vocalist Mariazelle Goonatileke Click below,




Photo Quiz- Deepthie


Traditional Dress of –Name the People  ?

What are these lovely ladies dressed in their traditional dress  doing?      (Click to Enlarge)

I hope my story is not too long- but, this Photo Quiz is about learning- and here it is .


Rajes had this to say last night “ I really love the photo quiz and I learn a lot from all of you. love the dialogue between Seelan and Ariya . I may not put in a comment, but, I am ‘regular ‘ on the quiz watch ‘ !


“The traditional dress – is made  of pure seal skin  and takes a lot of work to make one dress .

There was a lot of controversy on seal hunting- and the Inuit people gave it good to the people who were protesting on the seal hunting ,  on the thousands of years old  traditions of the Inuit people.

The Inuit people still hunt seal to supplement their diet and is a very traditional way of hunting  and is essential for their cultural well being .


Throat Singing  is a very unique way of singing in the Arctic communities , done ONLY by women.

It is said that the women were left along on dark winter nights with the children , while the men were out hunting . so, the women started to sing in this way, to entertain them selves and the little children .

This way of singing is now very popular and one of Canadian Inuit singers –Tanya Tagaq won a coveted first prize award for her Throat Singing  a few years back .

You can listen to Throat Singing on You tube- very lovely and  interesting .

Any ENT guys on our team- may know the physiology of this special way of singing .”

“ I had many good reviews on the song – The Cree Honour Song , I sang in Arctic Bay .

Some said , it was truly the highlight of the day- this impromptu song by one of the members of the tour .

I sang in Cree language.

My heart was bursting when I was out in there- and I just HAD TO SING IT – or else my heart would have burst open … and I put all my heart and soul into the song .


This song was composed by a Cree native in Canada, for a special occasion at Parliament grounds in Ottawa- a few yrs ago, and I learnt it from YOU tube, with a little help from my Cree friend- Delores .

You can listen to it on You tube- Cree Honour Song by  Norman Ottereyes

He is a young man, with a very old voice, and we say, that ‘this is an old soul that has returned ‘.

When he was singing the song on the  big  out door stage ,  to the heart beat rhythm of the  drum beat of the big Pow Wow drum  in Ottawa, two Bald Eagles flew over …. Someone captured that moment of good omen  on a cell phone and put it on You tube- and then, the rest is history !


One member of my Drum Circle was in Ottawa when this happened , and now we sing this song at  the Drum Circle.

This song has a lovely melody- some members of the Drum Circle tells me “ Deepthie- you are singing in your Indian language  “ !!

Even Indira and Ana thinks  I sing in Hindi ( !! ) , when one day I sang this song on the phone to them !

Take a listen – you will love the lilting melody  and the lovely voice of Norman Ottereys .


Enjoy – Deepthie .

Photo Quiz- Sam


Can you identify the location and name of the building shown in  this 1910 photograph?



Photo Quiz – Deepthie









Can you Identify the location of these photos and describe  what you see ?

(Click on the photos to see details)

Best wishes to Sunil (MSP) Perera !


Wishing you the best of Health and Happiness on this special day!!

Please visit us in Florida next time you venture out to east coast .



Dear Sunil,
Your ‘Big day’ is rejoiced by everyone in the ‘ 64 batch
Charmed by your wonderful smile and the Heart to match
Contentment, Peace and Joy, longevity with Good Health
Wishes sent to my prestigious mate & a thoroughbred chap

Ariya De Silva


Dear Sunil,

Today is a day you remember with pleasure,
A day I am sure you do always treasure.
So we wish you many happy returns of the day,
And health wealth and happiness to follow you all the way.🎻🎻🎻🎻

Praxy and Ranjit


Happy Birthday to you Sunil- !

It was good to meet you along with your very lovely wife and lovely
daughter, at the RU 64 in Beruwala, and again, meeting you all suddenly and
unexpectedly at Kalkudah, a few days later !

I hope you remember the good days at the Lower Quarters at Ragama- when we
had such fun, despite our hard and sleep deprived Internship days .
I remember you shared the end room with Dr. Thurusinghe ( Lumumba grad )
and I shared the other end ( girls side ) room with Shiranci Virasinghe .

You were very quiet and was a very serious student- and did not do crazy
things ( !! ) like most of the other guys, and really did not have much to
do with us girls either .
You made sure, you kept your nose close to your books – and that was a good
thing for sure .

Lets hope we all meet again , at another RU sooner than later, and do let
me know, if you ever plan a visit to Ontario .

Have a very Happy Birthday, and please give my fond regards to your lovely
wife and your very pretty daughter !

Deepthie .

Batch ’64 Music feature

Hope you enjoy this new feature ” Batch’64 Music Videos” I will publish any type of entertainment Video’s that you think that batch mates might  enjoy. Please forward them to my personal Email address, Click above for one of the most popular  Hindi songs ever done , with amazing cinematography. Hope you like Sahrukh Khan! Enjoy.

Love to hear your feed back positive or negative