“Cave Woman”

Update from Deepthie



I did this hike in Sedona, today, Sunday march 26 , with my friend
Dianne, from Colorado .
I have done this hike about a dozen times, during the past 7 yrs .

Nice easy one hour hike each way, with a side “secret trail “, off the
very popular main trail path, that very few people know about.
A very relaxing time up in the caves, playing flute, having lunch , just
sitting out in the sun shooting the breeze, in the cool mountain air .
The ‘face’ on the rock , never fails to let me know, that people actually
lived here, in the late 1800’s .
Why did they hide out in these caves at that time ?

That is a whole “another story ” for later consumption .





6 thoughts on ““Cave Woman”

  1. Aparadiga lovehi vajabena dilisena tharuwa
    Imahath hapankam atha oba upathin labuwa
    Emagin tutu karai yahalun nirathuruwa
    Ape vasanavata, oba apa ralata ekviya


  2. Dear Deepthie,
    Been born with immense talents and a beautiful smile to match
    Your adventurous attitude, drive and energy, amongst us no match
    Enrich us daily with wonders of nature, only your camera can catch
    You are one of the most important cog to make ours the greatest batch


  3. Thank you Praxy and Ariya- for the most encouraging kind words !
    Ariya – I actually wrote down the poem in Sinhala to ‘get it in to my head ‘ and appreciate it better !
    it is really very lovely .

    I think, I am improving on my Sinhala script- never had the best hand writing- so much so, that when I was HFC, my Sinhala Language teacher told me, ” deepthie you will fail the O level Sinhala subject, only because of your bad hand writing, and then, you not be able to get into Med School ‘ !
    Sinhala was a Compulsory Subject back then, to “pass ” the O Level .

    Then, I really sat up and took note of improving my hand writing- and made it to Med School , with a Credit in Sinhala at the O level .
    To think, that I had to compete with guys like you at the O Level Sinhala Language- it is a miracle that I made it !!!

    I just want to encourage others too, to keep moving, keep enjoying life , as best as we can, as now, this is all we have left …

    So, I spend most of the day light hours outdoors – and , that is why I spend all that money, to come to AZ for the 8 wk winter break .– to Worship the Sun God !

    Thanks again- for the encouraging words .

    Deepthiemath Dilisena Tharuwa !!


  4. nice to se you enjoying yourself, have agreat holiday,enjoy the many comments hope to seeyou soon maybe in Canada. best wishes paul


  5. Thank you Paul for the kind words .

    My winter holiday is now over, and I will be in Ontario ( Toronto ) tomorrow .
    I hope I can return to AZ again, next year .

    At this stage in our lives, even to plan ahead for a year , is a REAL big deal !

    Yes – hope to see you soon- somewhere, at the next RU- 64. and it was nice to have met you and all the others at the RU 64 , 2 yrs ago .

    Good Wishes to ALL of The Class of 64 !!ll-


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