Update from Deepthie

Wild Woman of The Woods –

It was hot as hell y’ day ( 18th march ) afternoon, here in Cottonwood
,that sleepy little suburb of Sedona , Arizona at mid day , and did not
expect this old eaglewoman to boil in the heat .

Did the next best thing to cool off, as I did not have enough drinking
water, and I was alone in the woods .

Walked down to the creek, with the help of a stick , and put my feet in the
water, and then with my cupped hands, poured the creek water on my arms,
face and head, to cool my self from head to toe , all the time, taking care,
not to drop the camera into the gushing creek !
Later, I smelled like rotting fish for the rest of the day !
Hey !-what the heck – I live alone, and no one gets near me anyway !!

One way to Save Drinking Water !

Dont worry ( guys !) – by the time the next RU rolls around, I will be all
cleaned up, smelling nice and ready for another good non stop 30 min Baila
Session, with my Cool Feet !!!

Baila Kumari needs good moving feet to help her out on the dance floor !


4 thoughts on “Update from Deepthie

  1. Good for you Eagledeepthi the only boy in the batch as I always called you. The temperature in Colombo last afternoon was 39 degree C. Take comfort!


  2. Thank you Narme- says the ‘ Only boy among the Girls’ as you call me !

    It must be about 30 degC here too to day afternoon, as I had to run to the river , sit on a rock, and eat my box lunch , all the while soaking my hot feet in the cool running water of the Verde River- this time- nice clean water .
    it got too hot, too soon this year .
    When it gets this hot, and I cannot hike in the afternoons- then it is time to head out to cooler climes in Ontario , where Spring has Sprung and the ice is breakup is on , on the lake .

    I dont know, how you folks stand this heat- I was wilting , even in October/ Nov during the RU events .
    I do admire all of you over there , as climate change is on high gear, all over the world .

    T hanks again for the kind words- they do help me to keep plodding along !
    take care- eagledeepthie . ( Wild Woman of The Woods ! )


  3. Thanks Dharma for the encouraging words .

    Today’s 3 hr hot hike paid off- when I saw the Road Runner and the Vermillion Flycatcher .
    What a treat !!
    Will send you pics to your private e-mail- dont want to bore the rest of the class, and take up ‘data space ‘ on the blog .
    Deepthie .


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