“Political” message from Seelan

Dear Sam,
For your info: We have someone in Australia- looks like your “sandhill crane”! Our former PM Julia Gillard!! I will wait for her eggs to hatch & send you the Photos!!!


Editorial Comment:

I do not claim responsibility for any opinions expressed by the posting batch mates on this forum.

4 thoughts on ““Political” message from Seelan

  1. Hi folks- lets leave politics out of our Class of 64 web page , and lets just keep it for fun stuff .
    Wild Woman of The Woods !


  2. I wish I could have joined Seelan in sending equivalent photos of our female politicians. Unfortunately they are ten times the size of your birds. May be in the future I’ll be lucky as we are to have 25% female representation!


  3. Dear Seelan,
    I came across a past email communication between Jayasiri Fernando and your good-self with regards to setting up a Reunion of past Blomites. Possibly to be held in Malaysia.
    From our batch itself we had over fifteen mates (if my fledging memory is accurate) and quite a few from Jayasiri Fernando’s batch too. As the word spreads, sure other batches too will join.
    It is a great idea and worth revisiting to gauge the appetite of other batches too.
    Any suggestions?


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