Message from Queen Mary!

Here is Queen Mary ( aka Deepthie Mary Seneviratne ) on a hike today- 17th
March – Wilson Mountain Canyon Trail – Sedona , Arizona .
Photo credits to my trusty hiking/ birding/ botanist companion Diane
Andrews from Colorado, wintering in AZ like my self .

It is hot down in the valley, so we decided to head out to the mountains for
a cooler birding hike ,just with a few granola bars and bottled water .
Saw a few Acorn Woodpeckers on some burnt out Ponderosa Pine tree trunks,
in the old forest fire areas in the canyon .
You can see some old burnt out tree stumps behind me .

This Queen Mary’s hike is a lot different to the Queen Mary Luxury
Cruise !!!

Happy St Pats Day to those with Irish connections !

Eagledeepthie .

18 thoughts on “Message from Queen Mary!

  1. Piching and I love Sedona. According to National Geographic Mag, Sedona is one of the prettiest places on Earth. I totally agree. Wish we could have been with you on the hike.

    All the best.

    Nisantha Banda


  2. Hi Queen Mary Did not realise that you are a nature lover and a hiker. Never been to AZ and probably will not visit USA until another president is elected!!! Enjoy your holidays and send us more photos



  3. See what Wikipedia says –
    It talks about Snowbirds [Many senior citizens from across the U.S. and Canada come to Arizona each winter and stay only during the winter months; they are referred to as snowbirds.]

    Cactus wren, the Arizona state bird
    The visit of a Female Eagle from Sri Lanka flying to Arizona and sending it’s photograph for other Sri Lankans to see on the same day of her visit should be reported as the first incident in Arizona via Wikipedia.
    Maharojani and Sreetharan.


  4. Queen Mary- says Bohoma Isthuthi to all of you !

    I have been an Arizona Snow bird for the past eleven years .–
    Sedona is not what it used to be.
    it is now, the ultimate North American Tourist Trap- like the Grand Canyon and /or Niagara Falls .

    Nature – is gorgeous – with Red Rocks full of good energy etc, that is outside the main Sedona Drag – hwy 179 and 89A.

    I come here, for 2 months- feb and march , every year, to worship the Deepthimath Hiru Devia ( Sun God ) and spend all day light hours outside – walking , hiking, bird watching alone, or with friends .
    I hike in the canyons alone, most of the time , and play the flute a lot- and the Canyon Wren and the Rock Wrens give me good competition .

    Nisantha- I do agree it is one of the prettiest places on earth- if you stay away from the touristic traps , and concentrate on Nature .

    Sree- the Cactus Wren- is further south- in Phx area- where the Saguaro Cactus grows.
    it does not grow above 3000 ft elevation .
    sedona- is 4500 ft elevation .
    Yes it is a lovely place to see nature- what ever that is not destroyed by human habitation .
    .by the way -I see the Bald Eagle often- so far, 8 times in the past 6 wks out in the wild and it .
    seems to ‘know me ‘ !!, and does not fly away, when I get near the tree- about 50 ft away most of the time ,
    One day, I was right under the tree- and had to move out just in case it pooped on me !

    Selvamalar- I will send you some pics to your private e-mail . I dont want to post pics and take up ‘data space ‘. on the RU 64 web page .
    look up google- some places look like Uluru – the Red Rocks, desert landscape, scrubby trees, dried up river beds etc .
    At higher elevations ( 5000 ft and over ) – like I was today- the giant Ponderosa Pines grow and snow on the mountains .
    On the weekend- I was out at 7000 ft elevation – Pinetop– Lakeside – absolutely divine !

    anyway- thanks folks for the nice comments- Eagledeepthie .in Sedona, Arizona .


  5. Dear Queen Mary,
    A beautiful photo of the Queen of our batch, Mary
    Saw this on the day while disembarking Queen Mary
    What a brilliant life you’re blessed with seen in photos
    The batch ‘Baila Kumari’ Projects beautifully the natures glory
    Thank you my friend,


  6. Thank you my dear Ariya for the complement on my ability to move around . !!

    I think, all that hiking is what makes me move around well on the Baila Dance floor .
    Of course I had great partners- you, Siri, Donnie, Kaleel to mention a few !

    Or is it the Baila that helps me with hiking in the canyons ?
    Not sure which came first !

    Anyway- I am just grateful to The Creator- for allowing me to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving .

    So, lets all get together again, before we stop moving around !
    Take care all of you- eagledeepthie .


    • Dear Deepthie,
      You sure do seem to enjoy life to the full. I have been to many countries and places but never to Arizona. May be that will be next on my list. We were thinking of going somewhere again before Ranjit’s annual leave finishes so we decided to go to Malaysia with a stop over in Dubai. If we had thought of it earlier we could have gone to Arizona. The decision to visit Malaysia again was made only last night. Never mind there is always a next time. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Love. Praxy


  7. Maithri- thanks for the kind wishes .
    gee whiz- we have come a long, long way since our HFC days !

    Praxy and Swarna – plan a a trip out to sedona area, next year .
    Creator Willing- I will be here next year- I have already booked my little apartment and the old car for next feb and march .
    in the meantime, have a good trip to Malaysia/ Dubai .


    • Dear Deepthie I will definitely try to visit Sedona next year. May be Swarna can join me too.I doubt whether I will be able do any hiking with my replaced knees as I am having my other one done on the 15th of June. This bionic woman even with the bionic knees won’t be able to keep up with the energetic Baila KumarI who is soaring up high like the eagle ….. true to her name Eagle Deepthie.Love . Praxy


  8. Hey Bionic Woman – dont worry – I will keep pace with you and Swarna .
    What with two new knees, I might not be able to keep up the pace !!!!!!!!!!
    eagledeepthie .


    • Hey Queen Mary even my bionic knees will not be able to keep up with your energetic hikes.

      Hey Ariya and Sam it is wonderful to see the interaction between our natchmates because of all the trouble you have taken. Thank you sooooo much for this .Mamy times during the day I log on to see what our friends have written .It has become a compulsion for me.


  9. Joy of returning home

    Got back to my beloved Mount Lavinia beach
    Beautiful sand dunes as far as eye could reach
    Beaming smiles of my friends and the friendly Sea breeze
    Surely the best way to rejuvenate after a long Ocean cruise

    Gurenteed, wall to wall Sun shine, lasting over twelve hours
    Bubbling waves kissing the shore mimic meeting long lost lovers
    Reopening gossips, juicy chitchats after a break of few months
    Sure the heaven is here, described by ancient philosophers and poets



    • Hi Ariya good to hear that you are back in in sunny climes. Here too the weather is nice. We are off to Dubai and Malaysia in a few hours. Will be back here on the 29th. Enjoy your stay in SL.😀😀😀😀😀


  10. HI Ariya and Thavam ,
    Good to know, you both are back where you want to be – terra ferma on the white sands of Mount Lavinia !!

    yes- it is good to feel the earth beneath the feet, after a long time on a boat .
    How many days was the cruise ?
    I am glad that all went well for you both .

    How long are you going to be in Lanka ?
    I hope it is not going to too hot out there – as April is the hottest month , during the Avurudu Season .
    Enjoy your stay and send us some pics .

    I am still here in AZ- back in Ontario in 11 days .

    Deepthie .


  11. Thanks Deepthie, for the response. We hope to be in Sri Lanka for about four weeks.
    However, the repair work following flood in our London home is overhanging and may be forced to return early.
    Glad, Sam, Praxy and your goodself are keeping a tab on the birthday celebration project.

    Here is a ‘Sinhala poem for you written using English alphabet for obvious reasons

    ‘Apara diga lovehi vajabena dilisena tharuwa’
    Sobadam maniyage lassana, apa hamuwa
    Ismathu karannata oba ganna dhiriya
    Venuvena thuthi pudanne mithuru Ariya


  12. Mithuru Ariya !!

    ” The Shining Star,
    Living and Glowing in the Western World … “..

    Very lovely, and Bohoma Isthuthi !
    Send it to my private e-mail in Sinhala script if it is possible .

    I do go out to see Venus rising as the Evening Star- and earlier in february, Mars , in the dark clear skies here, every night, when darkness come here.
    Sometimes, I do get up early in the morning, to look at Jupitor and Saturn and Scorpios- as there are very few trees to block the dark sky view .
    Sedona- Cottonwood area- is a designated Dark Sky Area- with NO light pollution- so, it is a real treat to watch the night sky like a virtual planeterium !

    eagledeepthie .


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