Updates from Praxy & Ariya

Dear all
This was a picture taken at our recent get together in Sri Lanka. We had a lovely time




Dear Sam,
Warmth and cordiality to match
The grandiosity of the mansion
Great hosts, Jean and Seelan
Organised in Sidney, a ‘micro reunion’

Ariya and Thavam

5 thoughts on “Updates from Praxy & Ariya”

  1. Thank you Praxy, for the lovely group photo of the gathering in SL.
    it was really good to see all of you getting together- thanks to Selva’s visit !
    it sure made me a bit home sick, for all of the fun of the RU 64 in Beruwala .
    I did not see Laki and Geeta- a very notable absentee –what happened to them ?
    I hope they are ok

    Ariya- he says he too will be there in SL, , once his cruise is done .
    I must say, I miss all the fun, being so far away in Canada- which is like the other side of the world !
    Thanks again Praxy for the photo.


  2. What a lovely gathering, well over twenty I counted,
    RU64 alive and active thanks to immense friendships
    Everyone is demanding loud and clear in one voice
    To enact another ‘Big RU’ before our memories slip


  3. Hey Ariya and Thavam !
    All that Finger Licking good rice and curry in the mansion- makes my mouth water !
    Good to see that the good old finger licking habits from our humble origins, still continues, no matter where we live – in a hut, or a mansion !
    Thanks to Seelan, Jean, Siri, Naomi .
    Enjoy the rest of your Queen Mary Cruise and hope you liked my Queen Mary hike in Sedona, Arizona !!
    eagledeepthie- ( aka- Queen Mary, Mary Deepthie Seneviratne ! )


    1. Dear Deepthie,
      The food at Seelan’s mansion was ‘finger licking’ good
      Forks & knives do not do justice for such an effort grand
      Friendliness of enviable hosts certainly is out of this world
      I recommend a trip to Antipodes for all the 64 batch mates


  4. Next RU- 64 in Antipodes- ” the opposite side of the world ‘ as per Wiki /Dictionary ?

    Ariya- you are always good at planting a seed in our heads !!!

    So, you folks Down Under- think about this before it is too late .

    I am game for this – will beg, borrow, and / or steal for this !

    I have been there two times – the last time almost 20 yrs ago to Brisbane/ Barrier Reef area .

    Rajabalendran- – eagledeepthie is still living in hope and ” dream time ” for one last chance to fly over Uluru !!



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