Message from Ariya

Dear Sam,
A photo caption from our current cruise on Queen Mary
If can kindly insert it in your web site would be ‘Hunky Dori
He’d a mini RU with Siri Kanna, Niomi and Seelan in Sydney
In few days hope to reach Sri Lanka, our land of hope and glory
Ariya and Thavamani


7 thoughts on “Message from Ariya”

    1. Many thanks dear Indragee, for your remarks
      They’re worth in gold to keep up fledging morals
      Great that Sam has produced this web site for us
      An opportunity for mates to express pent up feelings

      Best wishes to you and Manel

      Ariya and Thavam


  1. wow !!
    What a handsome couple- ready for the Big Dance on the Q. Mary !
    I am sooo glad that both of you are having a good time out there, after all that you went through just a few days before the trip !
    Just keep enjoying your selves and hope we meet again someday , soon !

    Ariya- if you can, post a photo taken in Sydney with Naomi, Siri and Seelan on the web page .
    Nice to see that we are still ‘connected ‘ where ever we are .
    Felt a bit home sick, when I saw Praxy’s note with the gp in SL- with Selvarani and others .

    Well Done – RU 64 !
    Deepthie .


    1. Dear Deepthie,
      You are a true friend to perk up dwindling confidence
      Bits and pieces are just held up with pins and plasters
      Glad many have kindly responded positively so much
      For us, septuagenarians those comments are fabulous

      Ariya and Thavam


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