Best wishes to Swarna (Yaampath) Gooneratne



Editorial Note:

Swarna’s BD was yesterday ( US time).  Webmaster had a “senior moment”. My apologies.  Many happy returns of the Day Swarna!!




Message from Praxy

It’s in the Medical faculty many years ago, where we first met
Nineteen sixty four to be exact, the year that I will never forget.
For such a long time we have been good friends
And I know our friendship will last right to the end
So Ranjit and I are wishing you many happy returns of the day,
And God’s abundant blessings for you today tomorrow and everyday.

Praxy and Ranjit


Message from Deepthie


Happy Birthday to you Swarna, on this Special Day .

As one of the ‘ Kellas of the Sixties ‘, we were only about 40 kellas in a
class of 164 I think, you were a great bundle of fun with lots of good
energy to pass around, specially during lunch time at the Girls Common Room-
back in the day !

Then, in the afternoons, if you ever arrived late for a lecture, the guys
would stamp their feet and holler, and you would just walk by , up the
steps, to the last row ( being Yahampath ) head held high, with that
lovely smile on your face, that seemed to be there to cheer all of us, all
the time .

You were there with some fun yarn to make us laugh , and forget the horrors
of a morning ward class , or to dispel the stresses, when times got tough
with exams .

Many thanks to you my dear, for ALL the fond memories of days gone by, and
it was just great meeting up with you again, at the RU 64 in Beruwala .

I wish you many more years of Happiness and Good Health to celebrate many
more Birthday Days !

IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

Eagledeepthie .

18 thoughts on “Best wishes to Swarna (Yaampath) Gooneratne”

  1. Hi Swarna,
    Admission of guilt:- I am one of those who stamped. Forgive me – Did it just for fun !!
    Wishing you the best for this Birthday & many more to come.


  2. Web Master!— Another Admission of Guilt –You are forgiven for the Senior Moment !
    Cant believe you are getting there – make it a SLOW process, as we ALL need this Web Master to keep all of us together !!

    Swarna — you get to celebrate your birthday for a 2nd day in a row – , the first celebration with your family , and the second one with us !

    Dont we girls look great in those photos — I LOVE it .
    YOU are the best- with that most Radiant Smile , standing tall, above all of us .!

    Lots of Love and Good Wishes – Deepthie .


    1. Hi Swarna,
      Very happy Birthday, I hope you will enjoy your with your family and close friends – Indragee Amarasinghe


  3. Happy Birthday Swarna.
    Maharojani and Sreetharan.

    Sorry to add a sad news – Balasegaram passed away recently.Friends can get up to date information about funeral dates etc from Somasegaram.

    Maharojani and Sreetharan.


  4. Dear Indragee

    Happy belated Birthday to you. It is quite strange how birthday of two of you are so close by.I still remember Ranaweera talking about Swarna and laughing his guts out in Flat 1 at Bloem when we were doing combined work.Would like to see Ranaweera’s comments and wishes also via internet. Sreetharan. Maharojani is joining me in conveing her Birthday wishes also to you.


  5. My dear Swarna ,

    I am soooo glad, that you feel that our greetings to you seem to — ‘ light up something within me .. ”
    THIS ,says a lot about the way the Class of 64 feel about each other, when we respond like this to another one’s Special Day .
    All our greetings to you, came from our hearts within us .

    I am sure- there will be many more greetings coming your way, during next week- as YOU were one of the most fun loving, and popular girls in the class .!

    Come to think of it, we all have to thank Ariya for starting the Birthday Salutations project, and to Sam- even with some ‘senior moments ( !!!! ), for putting it all together in his wonderful Web page , dedicated to the Class of 64 , in his effort to ‘hold us all together ‘.

    I do hope, we all get a chance to meet again- someday, somewhere ..

    Love and Good Wishes – eagledeepthie .


  6. Hi Deepthie I hope that those who missed the R64 in Colombo get another chance to meet all the batchmates someday soon.
    A big thank you again to Ariya and Sam for this project enabling us to communicate with one another quite frequently Selvamalar


  7. Hey Satha ,
    Come to think of it, we never heard back from you on your Big Day last month , for the greetings we all sent you via the blog .
    I wonder if you had time to read through them .
    I posted some nice pics taken in Beruwala .

    Selvamalar- —lets hope we meet somewhere, someday soon !
    My globe trotting days are over, but, for another RU- I will crawl , even if I have to, to get there !!

    I am now here in AZ- for the winter, and stretching out my old bones and muscles ,, hiking and walking, so I wont have to crawl for the next RU !!
    you sure missed a good one in Beruwala- oct 2014 .

    Yes- you are quite right — we have to thank to Ariya and Sam– we have the Birthday Salutations Project to keep in touch .
    Hope the weather is getting better out in Adelaide with cooler temps on the way .

    Esiri– keep singing – as we may need you sooner than you think, for a good baila session somewhere !
    wow- that bus ride to Beruwala from Colombo- was a real memorable one- with you singing and playing guitar , Ariya, my self, Swarna, Shauket keeping the words/ music flowing !, while the rest of the folks just enjoyed the impromptu song session .

    Take care- good wishes- to all of you , —Deepthie .


  8. Hi Swarna,
    Piching and I sent you our best wishes on your birthday. Somehow it did not get into the web site. Here we are again wishing you many happy returns and all the best for now and the future.

    Nisantha and Piching.


  9. Dear Swarna,
    Hope you will understand and pardon for my delay
    To wish you the very best on your twenty first birthday!
    Devoid of signal in Pacific, across the Great Barrier Reef
    Was unable Send my best wishes,on the right day


  10. Dear all,
    My thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart for the birthday wishes. It gives me great pleasure to hear from every one of you. Hope we all will be able to meet again very soon.
    With very best wishes


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