“Cave Woman”

Update from Deepthie



I did this hike in Sedona, today, Sunday march 26 , with my friend
Dianne, from Colorado .
I have done this hike about a dozen times, during the past 7 yrs .

Nice easy one hour hike each way, with a side “secret trail “, off the
very popular main trail path, that very few people know about.
A very relaxing time up in the caves, playing flute, having lunch , just
sitting out in the sun shooting the breeze, in the cool mountain air .
The ‘face’ on the rock , never fails to let me know, that people actually
lived here, in the late 1800’s .
Why did they hide out in these caves at that time ?

That is a whole “another story ” for later consumption .





Update from Deepthie

Wild Woman of The Woods –

It was hot as hell y’ day ( 18th march ) afternoon, here in Cottonwood
,that sleepy little suburb of Sedona , Arizona at mid day , and did not
expect this old eaglewoman to boil in the heat .

Did the next best thing to cool off, as I did not have enough drinking
water, and I was alone in the woods .

Walked down to the creek, with the help of a stick , and put my feet in the
water, and then with my cupped hands, poured the creek water on my arms,
face and head, to cool my self from head to toe , all the time, taking care,
not to drop the camera into the gushing creek !
Later, I smelled like rotting fish for the rest of the day !
Hey !-what the heck – I live alone, and no one gets near me anyway !!

One way to Save Drinking Water !

Dont worry ( guys !) – by the time the next RU rolls around, I will be all
cleaned up, smelling nice and ready for another good non stop 30 min Baila
Session, with my Cool Feet !!!

Baila Kumari needs good moving feet to help her out on the dance floor !


“Life in Florida”- By Sam Samarasinghe



Living in Florida after my retirement 5 years ago I have enjoyed observing the nature around this beautiful state. That is one of the reasons I took up photography as a serious hobby. Use of computer techniques for my photography also led me to create this RU blog for the benefit of all my Batchmates.

Enough about me, This post is about Sandhill Cranes. Sandhill cranes are large (2-4 ft) grey colored birds with huge wingspans. They have a characteristic red foreheads with long dark pointed beaks. For the most part they are migratory birds who arrive in Florida in huge flocks from Canada and upper midwest. They head back in late February/ March. They frequently have aloud trumpeting  call that can be heard from a long distance particularly during mating period.

There is a small resident population of Sandhill Cranes in Sarasota (where I live)  and few cities in western Florida, where we get to watch these birds year round.

My story is about a couple that I spotted near my house during the mating season. The female laid two eggs close to a small pond. I took a series of photos prior to hatching and continued to watch them for around  3weeks. Unfortunately I missed the actual hatching. The pictures below explain the events as they unfolded. Click on images to open the gallery. It was a beautiful event to watch.Enjoy!









Message from Queen Mary!

Here is Queen Mary ( aka Deepthie Mary Seneviratne ) on a hike today- 17th
March – Wilson Mountain Canyon Trail – Sedona , Arizona .
Photo credits to my trusty hiking/ birding/ botanist companion Diane
Andrews from Colorado, wintering in AZ like my self .

It is hot down in the valley, so we decided to head out to the mountains for
a cooler birding hike ,just with a few granola bars and bottled water .
Saw a few Acorn Woodpeckers on some burnt out Ponderosa Pine tree trunks,
in the old forest fire areas in the canyon .
You can see some old burnt out tree stumps behind me .

This Queen Mary’s hike is a lot different to the Queen Mary Luxury
Cruise !!!

Happy St Pats Day to those with Irish connections !

Eagledeepthie .

Message from Ariya

Dear Sam,
A photo caption from our current cruise on Queen Mary
If can kindly insert it in your web site would be ‘Hunky Dori
He’d a mini RU with Siri Kanna, Niomi and Seelan in Sydney
In few days hope to reach Sri Lanka, our land of hope and glory
Ariya and Thavamani


Best Wishes to Nihal Goonetilleke!














Happy Birth Day Nihal !! Best wishes for many more to come.


(Still remember the interstate trip we did with you and  Paul in early seventies !)





Wish you many happy returns of the day,
And all God’s blessings He freely gives away.
So with a glass of champagne held up high
Enjoy your birthday but please don’t too get High.

Praxy and Ranjit.🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈





You seem to be telling the Class of 64, that you sure know how to put your
money where the mouth is, so we ALL will have many more HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYS

Good Advice !

Have a nice piece of Happy Birthday Cake today .

It was good meeting you at the Beruwala -RU 64 -and lets hope we meet
again sooner, rather than later .


Best wishes to Swarna (Yaampath) Gooneratne



Editorial Note:

Swarna’s BD was yesterday ( US time).  Webmaster had a “senior moment”. My apologies.  Many happy returns of the Day Swarna!!




Message from Praxy

It’s in the Medical faculty many years ago, where we first met
Nineteen sixty four to be exact, the year that I will never forget.
For such a long time we have been good friends
And I know our friendship will last right to the end
So Ranjit and I are wishing you many happy returns of the day,
And God’s abundant blessings for you today tomorrow and everyday.

Praxy and Ranjit


Message from Deepthie


Happy Birthday to you Swarna, on this Special Day .

As one of the ‘ Kellas of the Sixties ‘, we were only about 40 kellas in a
class of 164 I think, you were a great bundle of fun with lots of good
energy to pass around, specially during lunch time at the Girls Common Room-
back in the day !

Then, in the afternoons, if you ever arrived late for a lecture, the guys
would stamp their feet and holler, and you would just walk by , up the
steps, to the last row ( being Yahampath ) head held high, with that
lovely smile on your face, that seemed to be there to cheer all of us, all
the time .

You were there with some fun yarn to make us laugh , and forget the horrors
of a morning ward class , or to dispel the stresses, when times got tough
with exams .

Many thanks to you my dear, for ALL the fond memories of days gone by, and
it was just great meeting up with you again, at the RU 64 in Beruwala .

I wish you many more years of Happiness and Good Health to celebrate many
more Birthday Days !

IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

Eagledeepthie .