Praxy reports from Sunny Florida




Ranjit and I have just returned from a weeks, holiday in Florida where we experienced the wonderful hospitality of our batch-mates. We stayed with Wimal Fernando and his wife Iranthie in Marco Island where we had a fantastic time.Our itinerary was prepared by Wimal and Iranthie who planned it so well that each single day was occupied. They made string hoppers, hoppers rice and curry and very tasty rolls which were delicious.They had taken every step towards making our stay a memorable one.We were invited by Sam and Kathy during the week to spend a night at their lovely place in Sarasota amidst the lush greenery of the golf course where Sam is a member .We were taken to a beautiful restaurant for lunch after which we had the opportunity of enjoying the beautiful private beech overlooking the venue. Back at Sam’s place he did the evening meal including fried rice with many curries and a good old English breakfast the following morning.All these years I have felt that our batch is a unique friendly one and the wonderful hospitality of Wimal and Sam definitely confirms this. Wimal. Iranthie ,Sam Kathy thank you 💐💐💐💐for the wonderful time we had.

Ranjit and I will cherish these memories for ever.Here are some of the photos taken during our visit.



11 thoughts on “Praxy reports from Sunny Florida

  1. HI Praxy !’
    Thank you sooo very much for the nice note about your most enjoyable and wonderful holiday in Florida and the lovely photos of our good friends out there .

    All of you look soooo happy , basking in the warm Florida Deepthiemath Hirueliya Sunshine !

    Now, looking at the photos- NONE of you even remotely look like ‘septugeneriens’ !!
    I think, this is because we are such a merry bunch, ever ready for a good time – this Class of 64 !!

    God only knows, we all worked hard to get to where we are now .

    Wimal- can you remember us in the same class , with Anslem, back in 1952 in that little school in Keleniya, where boys were allowed up to gr 4 ? where Mrs Gunesekera was our English teacher, and I could not speak a word of English and she gave me after school tution in English- how to speak it and write it !!
    OMG- those were the days !

    Your glowing account of the hospitality of Wimal/ Iranthie, Sam/ Kathy —,- OK_ I will be there Sam and Wimal- sooner than you think and, I am already travelling in my head !

    Dont tell me I did not warn you guys and gals !!

    Love the Sandhill Crane photo– I seem to see it on a nest with chicks ?
    I see Sandhill Cranes out where I live in Ontario , by the hundreds upon hundreds , during their southward migration time in late oct- early nov., and during this time, I just cannot get enough of them,
    I did not know, they come to Florida — another reason for this eagledeepthie to fly out there . !
    Did you see the Burrowing Owls ?- apparently Marco Island has nearly a thousand of them nesting there .

    Thank you Praxy for the lovely note and Thank you Sam and Wimal for being such wonderful people , and for all that you all are doing to keep the Class of 64 Together !
    Blessings to all of you – eagledeepthie .


  2. Thanks for your kind remarks Praxy. It was wonderful to see you again.
    Deepthie, let us know when you are heading this way. We are watching the SandHill Crane everyday and she should have some chicks any day! Sam


  3. Thanks Sam,
    Take a few more pics and send them to me , also, when you see the chicks take pics for me please.
    I will send you pics of the cranes , as we saw them, in our area in Ontario- in late oct- early nov .

    yes, I will sure let you guys know, when I plan to get to Florida – perhaps, next year February .
    deepthie .


    • Dear Praxy, Ranjit, Wimal and Sam

      Beautiful to see the photos very grand

      The reason our batch is the best in town

      Because of guys like you of very special kind

      Every one seems to have found a way to push back the process of aging

      Nice to see Florida sunshine aiding to convert you all to a set of young chicken

      Radiant glow on the faces and the smiles exhibit clearly the happiness within

      Fabulous to see my mates enjoying each other’s company and having such fun



      • Dear Deepthie,

        I visualise seeing the happy faces of our mates in Florida Sun,

        You must be wishing to emulate the ‘Bald eagle’ flying in brilliant Sun

        What a rich heritage our batch has when I think of faces of everyone

        Being Septugenarian does not seem to deter the eagerness of anyone



  4. Dear Praxy, Ranjit, Wimal &Sam,
    All of you (including Iranthie & Kathy) look very nice , healthy & relaxed ( Touch Wood).
    That’s the way to enjoy.
    Wimal, you asked me to buy your neighbor’s house. I am sure Ranjit would have bought it now.
    Now I have 2 places to stay. B’fast at Wimal’s, Dinner at Ranjit & Praxy’s!
    How far is Sam – for lunch.
    Long time ago, when we came to Florida, we met Johnpulle- My old pal – Colombo & N.Z. He is still there in Tampa.


    • Dear Seelan
      Sorry we are too late. The property has been reserved for you. You are always welcome to come and stay with us here in UK. Praxy


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