Our best wishes to S.Sathanandan!





Dear Satha

now that your birthday is here,
Ranjit and I want to wish you the best for the coming year.
May the good Lord bless and keep you,
Till we meet again at the next RU.

Praxy and Ranjit. praxy-edit




satha-img_0349-paul-usa-sathi-uk-sathanadan-aust satha-13-feb-dsc_9381


HI Satha,
Happy Birthday to you – a day before the Valentine Day !
Anyway- here comes Heartfelt Good Wishes on your Birthday .
It was nice meeting up with you and others- as these pics show .
Sathannadan, Sattiyanayagam, Seneviratne, Selvadurai- at least part of
the S gp- looking a bit blurry- but, still looking good even though we are
all hitting 70 !!
Selvamalar is missing, but, she was here with us in Spirit for sure !


IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

Have a Happy Birthday – Deepthie


Happy Birthday Satha!!

Sam Samarasinghe

LWRDPC Sam Samarasinghe





13 thoughts on “Our best wishes to S.Sathanandan!

  1. My dear Satha,
    Jean & myself wishing you a very happy Birthday.
    Birthdays come & go, but our friendship remains permanent.
    Forget the age, are you willing to join me on another Motor bike trip. I herd that the road to Jaffna is very modern


  2. Dear Satha, We wish you a fantastic Birth day full of joy and glamour
    When met at the RU, you’ve not changed the looks nor the good humour
    handsome man, like to know your secret of remaining young and debonair
    Wish good health, peace of mind longevity and everything heart would desire



  3. Here is a big hug and a bouquet of flowers to our web master

    Without your foresight and hard work, could have never got started

    Nor would we have dreamt of ‘Birthday salutation project’ to prosper

    Thank you Sam, you are a God’s great gift to the batch of entry ’64 year


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