“RU Concert”


Class ’64 entry batch Colombo Medical School, in many ways is unique
Despite high academic achievements, none can match this batch, thespian
Acting, script writing, directing, stage setting and giving a performance
Above script, discordant twins born and poor father bemused at the scene


First of twin Negroid, resembles more the man, who delivers milk
The second completely different, Chinese, oriental moon shaped
Father bears typical features Sri Lankan, similar to mother ‘Dharma’
Who is brave enough explain ‘Pa’, the result of mum’s bad karma?



Ariya De Silva Golden Reunion, 24th – 26th October, Eden Spa & Resort, Beruwala, Sri Lanka.

2 thoughts on ““RU Concert”

  1. Good one Ariya to reminisce the wonderful RU. Looking forward to the next one. Cant some one organise one sooner. Cant wait !!!!!!


  2. Thanks Praxy, judging from the enthusiasm of our batch mates so far shown towards the ‘ Birthday Salutation ‘ project, I am encouraged that the cohesiveness, affinity and keenness to reminisce our glorious past has not diminished at all. Hence I can guess there will be an overwhelming outcry for at least one more reunion. My hope and pray is that it should happen sooner than later as we all are heading towards a slippery slope.


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