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Hunky-dory is a word I heard, few years ago in this plesant green land

No ‘Google’ then to check the meaning, but I was keen to understand

In a clandastine party, an old navy man, when used the above phrase

He wasn’t sober, I asked him its meaning, as my way of trying to tease


‘Oh, young man’ he called me, that’s a mighty fine word, we tend to use

To someone pleased in themdays having had his ‘dick’ a chance to play’

Though it is in the jargon even now, came from mid-nineteenth centuary

Used by American sailors to describe a Japenese street, ‘Honcho-dori’


The mucky street was in ‘Yokohoma’ and was well known to sailors

For the services provided to banish loneliness and empty ‘love juices’

Hunky men for a dime or two had a chance to be releaved of tension

Returning to ship and exhibited an of aura happiness and satisfaction


Being shy to say to officers, after being to a prostitute in a street grubby

Sailors used a term if asked of their whereabouts, been to ‘Honcho-dori’

It must have taken many years to coin the word used today ‘Hunky-dory’

The pun would makes sense too as secret trips were made by men


By Ariya De Silva

7 thoughts on ““Hunky-Dory”

    • Hi Ariya it is so strange that you gave the meaning of the word as I have been thinking of asking Suzy at Count Down Programme to give the origin of the word as she loves to find the origins of words and give them out at the programme. Now that you have done the research I do not have to ask her. Do you watch this programme? It is a good one, Cheers. Praxy


  1. Hey Ariya !!
    So, every thing is Honky Dori !– AND Tickety Boo with the Birthday Salutations on The Spider Web !
    What a neat story- how on earth did you unearth this story ?
    This is really something for that Special Reading Public , !

    You have to send in that story of Monkey See- Monkey Do picture for another good laugh !!

    And, work on Indrajee’s idea on your next visit to Asia- Australia and try and take a walk down that street WITH Thavam and NEVER alone !!!!

    How does that old song go — ” On the Street Where You Llve ” — by Frank Sinatra ?
    It just came to my old head as I was writing this !

    I wonder if he is singing about this special street !!

    Thanks Ariya- for the good story and above all for the GOOD Laugh .
    God only knows we all need a GOOD Laugh these days , with all that is going on in the world right now …

    Keep writing , and keep us all Laughing, as now, Laughter The BEST Medicine for the Class of 64 !

    eagledeepthie .


  2. Praxy –
    Some home work for you as you watch all these neat TV stuff on Origin of Words ‘ ( and not Origin of Species ! )

    The word ” Head Honcho ‘ — that describes the ‘top guy ‘ in an establishment , did this too originate from this special street called ” Honcho -dori ?

    deepthie .


  3. Ariya,
    You are great, as someone who things about these wired terms we all use, without knowing the meaning!!. Great, you shed light. It really makes sense. We need to be careful, here in after, using the term [ like I uses the word the other day ,talking to Praxy on phone!!] as one might think I visited that street in Add to dictionary!!. Thank you for clarifying, Ariya!!


  4. Hey Wimal !
    Leave it to Ariya !!!!
    Good thing we have someone like Ariya to ‘dig out ‘ stuff like this !
    Never knew its origins had its humble beginnings in a far away street in the Land of The Rising Sun !
    Yes- better be careful in our manner of speech , from now on, when we say ” Everything is Honky Dori’ !!
    wiseoldeglewoman- eagledeepthie.


  5. Indrajith, Praxy, Deepthie, Wimal,

    Thanks, mates for so many lovely comments
    Let me first of all clear a few floating doubts
    No, I have not been to ‘ Hunky – Dory’ ever in my life
    However, was a shame to ‘Bloemfontein’ it wasn’t close!

    Now got the time and means even to go there
    But ‘am no more 21, exhausted even the spare
    Like an aged lion having lost teeth, lives a life of despair
    Did give a try but response not good even with, ‘Viagara’


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