Best Wishes for Shanti Dalpatadu





Message from Ariya


Those who are truly wise are especially aware of the need for sanity.

They take delight in sanity.

They take pleasure in the pursuit of sanity

That is where you belong because you are in the region of the supernormal

As your mannerism is saintly so are your speech, deeds, thoughts & name

On your ‘Big day’ my friend, I wish you good health, peace and longevity

Ariya De Silva


Message from Praxy

Dalpe dear you were one of the quietest in the batch,
With no moans groans or animosities to hatch.
So it is with great pleasure that Ranjit and I wish you,
Many happy returns of the day along with the rest of the crew.
Praxy and Ranjit


Message from Deepthie

Happy Birthday to you Dalpe- !
Enjoy your BIG Day- as much as we all enjoyed the Block Concert with you
and the rest of the SL gang !
Deepthie .

19 thoughts on “Best Wishes for Shanti Dalpatadu”

  1. Dear Dalpe,
    Many happy returns.
    I cant forget the day we met in Sydney together with your daughter & the boat trip.
    When are you coming again?


    1. Hi Seelan have you recovered from your birthday celebrations! Any hangovers??? How are you keeping? How is Jean getting on ? When do we see you here in U.K.? Kind Regards.Praxy


    2. Dear Seelan,

      Yes I really enjoyed that day & the boat trip.Today we were without electricity till about 5.30 pm. Thats the delay in replying.
      Hope to come around August this year. Manisha is finishing her two years in Australia.
      Will call you once I come to Westmead.
      Best Regards,



  2. Birthday ‘Salutation project of 64 entry batch
    Pleasantly surprised already picked up so much
    Friends have gleefully begun to write to each other
    Hope intimacy renewed will flourish and grow further

    Thank you Praxy for being the ‘right hand’ and running with it
    Sam, for embracing the concept, ’64 web site is a God sent
    Deepthie, for my crazy ideas willingly become the sounding board
    Hope all will join to reminisce the good times, ‘the best batch’ had


    1. Oh I am so happy that batch mates. are uniting and wishing each other.This is possible because of the brilliant idea of Ariya with Sams support and just a little help from me. Please keep this friendship going so that when we meet next we will definitely know “who’s who” Praxy


  3. Not sure why I asked for a recent photo. You haven’t changed a bit, except for the hair!
    Happy Birth Day Shanti!! Sam


    1. Dear Sam,

      I saw your request during office time and had a recently taken photo for a visa which I scanned & sent you. Most of my School friends too recognise me easily than others.May be my hairstyle has not changed over the years,
      Thank you for the wishes & maintaining the website.
      Best regards



  4. Dear Ariya,

    Received your ecard. Tried to send back one thanking you. I think it bounced.Just to say my Friend I have not forgotten you.,Thanks for the comments & the nice verse you coined for me,
    Best Regards,



  5. HI Dalpe !
    My greetings came to you a bit late, due to a bit of a communication tie up – that got stuck on the spider web, on the way from rural snow bound Ontario , Canada, to Sunny Florida , south of the border !
    At least, the greetings reached there, and did not get lost in the black hole of calcutta !

    I am ‘in transit’ on my way to Arizona- things got a bit mixed up in transit .
    I am back on track now, at least for the next day or so .

    Anyway- here it comes HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
    – and you see the pics of the Block Concert at Beruwala, where you seem to the most serious one out of the group- the real professor that you are in real life too .

    Blessings- Deepthie .



  6. Dear All,

    Sorry for not acknowledging earlier.I went to Hikkaduwa yesterday for wedding of one of my nephews, where two of my grand daughters were the flower girls and came home late.

    Opened my emails after coming to office at &.7.00 am todayand saw a number wishes from you all for which I have not acknowledged individually.

    So Many Thanks for for all your wishes for my B’Day,

    These days I still work full time, five days a week from 7. 00 am to 3.00 pm as a Senior Fellow in a research company.So it keeps me busy,

    All the best to all of you

    Kind Regards,



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