It’s Selvamalar’s (Selvadurai)Birthday!




This is to wish you all that is best for you on your BIG Day !

We all sure missed you at the RU 64- and it was good to talk to you from
Beruwala !
These are photos taken when we met in Brisbane- dec 1990– a very long time
ago, but, seems like y’day to me .

Keep well, good wishes,
Deepthie .

IMG_0352 - Copy-cc



Message from Praxy

Dear Selvamalar it is a great pleasure
To wish you a birthday that you will treasure
Ranjit and I wish you health wealth and happiness
I am sure you will share with Sathananthan in great readiness.

Love. Praxy and Ranjit

22 thoughts on “It’s Selvamalar’s (Selvadurai)Birthday!

  1. Hello Selvi, Happy Birthday. I was the one who Bugged you & your husband for information for the Re-Union Souvenir. WIMAL FERNANDO/ U.S.A.


  2. Dear Selvi

    Greetings for a Happy Birthday
    Pleasantries filled joyful life,
    Good health, peace of mind
    Contentment and longevity
    My wishes for you all the way



    • Hi Ariya you are an inspiration to all of us. You give us the motivation to enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you so much for your wishes and regards to Thavamani. I am not sure whether or not she remembers me and Satha


  3. Dear Selvi,
    Just learned that you were granted a visitors visa to this world on this day!
    Unlike my birthday, your B’Day is special because the Government has declared a Holiday!!!
    Wishing you a very happy B’Day – Seelan & Jean


    • Who else would get a public holiday to celebrate the birthday and the entire Australia is celebrating my birthday!!!! Thank for the wishes and regards to Jean and your family including the grandkids


  4. HI Selvi!!

    Nice to see the world wide outpouring of Birthday Greetings to you today !

    We ALL have to thank Ariya for pioneering the Birthday Salutations Project , and Sam , the good Web Master, that helps all of us to hold together, the Ties that Binds the Class of 64 Circle .

    Holiday today Down Under ?
    What are you all celebrating today Down Under ?
    let me know .

    Must be this Special World Visitors Visa granted to a Special Visitor !

    By the way Praxy- your poetry is getting better and better – love your little rhyme!
    wow- we are going to have two poets ( Ariya and you ) to write fun things to keep us going .

    Wimal- you sure bugged the right people for the right cause and got the right results — persistence is the name of the game – well done .
    You might see me at Marco Island , next feb for the Burrowing Owl Festival at Cape Coral, as I am going a bit ‘birdie ‘ in the head !!!!
    Need a good excuse for me to get to Florida to see the S Pats- Samarasinghe, Silva, Seneviratne, with Wijetileke trailing behind us , and Smaratunge/Saram visiting you all in two weeks , much to my envy !
    I was last there, back in ’92 and 2004- with Ranjith Silva and Asoka , and had a great time .
    Time for another visit for sure , now that I have discovered you and the Burrowing Owls !!!

    Good Wishes again- to Selvi and Satha,, and to all the wonderful people that have taken the time of day to write a greeting to a wonderful Class of 64 batch mate .

    eagledeepthieowlwoman !!!

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    • Hi Deepthi Thanks for the birthday wishes. Today is Australia day and is a public holiday down under. I totally agree with you that the efforts by Ariya, Sam and Praxy should be commended for initiating the B’day Salutations Project. It gives all of us an opportunity to communicate with each other and exchange news

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    • Dear Deepthie, It certainly is a great thing to communicate this way. This will definitely help us to keep the flame of friendship burning bright and beautiful. This is like our own Face Book. Well done Ariya and Sam the web master. Sam did you ever think that when we were seated next to each at Medical College that so many years later we would be communicating this way? As I mentioned in one of my previous emails I am only the personal assistant to Ariya. This was his brainchild. This is great to see so many participating. Deepthie my poetry is nothing compared to the great poet Ariya. Probably as I grow older some little teachings that we had at HFC must be now coming out of my grey cells. Better late than never I just sit down at the laptop think of the person and scribble a few lines …. Long Love the RU.To the owl woman form S Pat


      • Praxy, during the time I sat next you at the faculty, overseas communication was via blue airmail folders offered by Ceylon postal service. Computers were nonexistent. Today ,we are blessed with instant web-communication. Why not use it. I am so pleased with the enthusiasm by so many. Thanks for your help. Looking forward to our get together in Florida!


  5. HI Sam, Praxy and Ariya ,

    Come to think of it- I dont send snail mail anymore.
    i am too much of a ‘tree hugger ‘ to do this- a waste of paper .
    Thanks to digital cameras and internet- photos go out INSTANTLY around the world- like it or not ., be it good, bad or ugly !!!

    I dont think I even know, how to hand write anymore – my writing sooo bad, even I cannot read it .
    Not that it was any better 50 yrs ago, getting worse and worse now !

    Ariya- enjoy your trip to Down Under and Lanka Land .
    Send us poems and pics from there- if and when you meet up with the Class of 64 .
    gee- I envy you !

    I have only my self in Arizona – as I need to go somewhere to worship the Sun God as this moosala weather here is driving me crazy .

    My soul- is craving for the sun !- -that is why my name is Deepthie !!!!


  6. Hi Shanti
    Happy birthday and best wishes for many more birthdays to come. we remember you as the quietest person in our batch
    Regards Satha & Selvi


  7. Dear Sam and Praxy and Deepthie,
    Birthday salutation program of 64 entry batch
    Pleasantly surprised already picked up so much
    Friends’ve gleefully begun, to write to each other
    Hope Intimacy renewed will flourish and grow further

    Thank you Praxy, for being the project’s right hand
    Sam for embracing the project, ’64 website, a God send
    Deepthie for ideas, willingly becoming a sounding board
    Hope all will join to reminisce good times together we had


  8. Thank you Ariya for kind words .
    I am happy to be your ‘sounding board ‘- for your prose and your literary expertise, and I am learning new things in my old age- Like the Hocho- Dori stuff !

    eagledeepthie .


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