It’s Selva’s Birthday!




Message from Praxy

My dear Selvaranee you are the queen bee of the colony
Colony of batch mates who are always jolly and friendly.
Along with others Ranjit and I send you greetings
For a birthday that will bring happiness and joy till our next meetings.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you till we meet again.

Love. Praxy and Ranjit

Message from Ariya

It is Our Selvarani’s Birthday, When celebrating with friends and loved ones, a mile stone in your life, fabulous We fondly reminisce sweet cakes you always feed us with, thrilling our taste buds Wishing you a long peaceful life with excellent health, prosperity filled with joy Greetings are sent to a wonderful batch mate, a good friend and a pretty lady Ariya on behalf of Batch ‘64


Message from Deepthie


Eagledeepthie is sending you Very Warm Birthday Wishes !!

They come to you from the Flowers of Lanka,

They come to you, from the warm blue and gold waters of the Indian Ocean
of Lanka, , to the Winter Sunrise of the Great Lakes of Canada,

They come to you, from my Polar Bear mom and cubs, who spend all their
lives in the Arctic and Snowy Owls and Snow Buntings flocks in the High
Arctic, that spend the winter near my home,

They come to you from the migrating Sandhill Cranes , who stop on the way
near my home, on their way south from Northern Canada,

They come to you to give you a little treat, through my little chickadee

And of course- THE BIG BIRTHDAY CAKE in Beruwala- for you, and for all of
us to share !

May you find that Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow !!!
My BIG Rock Man is Watching Over You and Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday

Have a Great Day- on the 24th Jan- Your Birthday Day .

Lots of Love and Good Wishes- eagledeepthie .

11 thoughts on “It’s Selva’s Birthday!”

    1. Happy birthday dear Selvaranee. Each birthday now is a gift from God,so we don’t have to send you a gift! Al the very best in the years ahead.
      Narme & Nirmali


  1. Dear Selvaranee,
    We wish you a very happy birthday. Many more to come.
    -Seelan & Jean
    (PS: I thought that you indicated to Ranjit Almeida that your birthday was in December!!! May be I was dreaming)


  2. Hey Praxy ,
    You are quite the ‘digital artist ‘ – another missed vocation . !
    Love how you did the photo and the greeting card for Selvaranee.

    Very good !!

    deepthie .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Seelan !

    YOU are not dreaming –
    You are quite, well, sane and sobre, and intact in ALL spheres !!!!

    Selva’s b’day is in DECEMBER and NOT today- Jan 24th .

    I just had a note from her , but did not indicate the actual date in December .

    Sam/ Ariya- please change the date in the list , when Selva contacts you .

    I guess, this is what we call ‘ Labour Pains ‘!!

    eagledeepthie .


  4. Dear Selvaranee,
    Wheather your birthday is in December or January, it is a privilege to wish you a happy birthday.Many happy returns.


  5. To the Web Master !
    I thought for some reason, that it was Praxy who did the digital imaging of the greetings !
    Sorry about the mistake .

    YOU did a GREAT job on it – we can look fwd to more of the same ” then and now ‘ as we go on
    Anyway Selva- when is your real b’day date in December ?
    Want to keep us all guessing ?? !!

    Any way- better late than never – and I am glad you liked my Photo Greetings .

    I got carried away with the photos- now, with a nice girl like you celebrating a birthday , even on the wrong date !, I had to put my best shots out for you , and risk taking up too much ‘digital space ‘ .

    BIG THANK YOU to the Web Master !
    eagledeepthie .


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